Justice Undermined

PUBLISHED: 6:52 PM 17 Sep 2018

Judge Tosses Most Of ‘Pepper Spray’ Attack Lawsuit

A young woman who was pepper sprayed by Antifa members at a conservative event in California had most of her lawsuit dismissed earlier today.

A judge tossed most of the 'pepper spray' attack lawsuit out of court, protecting defendants from possibly being held accountable by the victim of an unprovoked attack.

To say that Milo Yiannopoulos was a successful provocateur would be an extreme understatement; he managed to make a profitable career out of taking somewhat extreme positions, while defending the idea that no speech should be banned. Sadly, the left, rather than admit that speech should be free, have often responded to his events with extremist violence.

At no place was that more openly displayed than in the riots that occurred at the University of California Berkeley in Berkeley, California, where one woman, Kiara Robles, was pepper sprayed by leftists ‘protesting the event.’ Now, a judge has decided to dismiss nearly all the claims she made against those who allowed rioters to run amok.

This California judge ruled on the case concerning the victim of the ‘pepper spray’ attack that occurred on Berkeley, and undermined the idea of justice for a bystander.

In August 2017, Oakland resident Robles filed a lawsuit against UC Berkeley after she was assaulted during the ‘protest’ from leftists on the college campus.

The suit, which sought $23 million in damages, was filed against six defendants, both individuals, and entities.

The defendants included the UC Board of Regents, the city of Berkeley, and a number of people she said were part of the violent leftist organization Antifa.

According to Robles, the defendants “willfully withheld” police officers to protect those who were ‘pro-Milo’ and ‘pro-Trump’ due to political differences and the general disdain they had for people with opposing political viewpoints.

However, U.S. District Court Judge Claudia Wilken didn’t agree.

Judge Wilken (who was appointed by Bill Clinton) dismissed all charges again the regents, and against the City of Berkeley, on Friday.

She also dismissed part of a claim against an alleged Antifa member, Raha Mirabdal, who Robles claimed shined a bright light in her eyes in order to incapacitate her and leave her prone to attack from other members of the leftist group.

In her 23-page ruling, Wilken stated that there weren’t enough “factual allegations” to show that Berkeley had an “official policy” of selectively providing police protection and support to conservative political events in the area.

She also dismissed individual claims against Janet Napolitano, the former head of the Department of Homeland Security under Barack Obama.

Wilken similarly dismissed charges against UC Berkeley Chancellor Nicholas Dirks, saying that neither he nor Napolitano were compelled by the First Amendment to protect her against the actions of others.

The judge also dismissed a claim against Antifa, though she gave Robles three weeks to file an amended complaint against Mirabdal concerning civil action.

All of the claims in her lawsuit stemmed from an even that occurred in February, 2017.

Yiannapoulos was scheduled to speak at UC Berkeley, but leftists on the college campus, perhaps most famous for being where the ‘free speech’ movement launched in the 1960s, decided to use violence to ensure that a political opinion other than their own would not be spoken… just like terrorist fascists.

As the speech’s beginning neared, the ‘peaceful’ protestors from left-leaning groups on campus and off suddenly became violent.

Masked protestors (including Antifa) threw smoke bombs and incendiary devices, smashed windows, and removed metal barricades meant to keep the violent protestors away from the site of the speech.

Antifa even managed to light a piece of equipment on fire.

Antifa acts very similarly to the Ku Klux Klan. Both utilized masks to hide their faces (and to hide from consequences for their actions). Both utilized violence to accomplish their goals, and to suppress the speech and other rights of the people they disliked. The only difference is that to leftists, one is acceptable, and the other isn’t.

While Robles was being interviewed by a local news station, KGO-TV, an Antifa assailant pepper-sprayed her.

Eventually, thanks to their willingness to be violent and damage school property, UC Berkeley cancelled the speech.

In June 2017, Robles filed her first lawsuit, which included people like Nancy Pelosi, a democrat Congresswoman from San Francisco, and even infamous liberal financier George Soros.

However, she later dropped that lawsuit, and submitted a modified one that sought $23 million from a smaller group of people instead.

After the Berkeley riot occurred during the right-leaning even there, multiple organizations reported that the response to Antifa had been restrained, much like the response at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill after the riot that destroyed the ‘Silent Sam’ statue.

Even local news sources in the state reported that there were accusations of police inaction, and some claimed that the Mayor of Berkeley was under investigation by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in connection with the response to the riots.

In the end, no evidence ever appeared to substantiate the claim, which may be part of the reason that the charges were dismissed in this case.

However, many people agree that Robles should receive some sort of justice after being assaulted (on television, no less) simply for showing up to an event, and the person who attacked her should be punished.