Sanctuary State Funding Withheld

PUBLISHED: 5:44 PM 6 Mar 2018
UPDATED: 9:33 PM 6 Mar 2018

Judge Rules Trump Admin. Can Withhold Grant From CA Over “Sanctuary” Concerns

A federal judge ruled the Trump administration can legally restrict funding to California.

Judge rules against California.

A federal judge said the Trump administration can legally withhold a grant previously awarded to California amid concerns over the states sanctuary status.

U.S. District Judge William Orrick ruled on Monday that the Trump administration isn’t required to give a $1 million grant to California because they are harboring illegal immigrants.

Orrick rejected the state’s request for an expedited injunction to turn over the funds, but he also rejected a request by the Department of Justice to dismiss California’s lawsuit.

Orrick ruled the case will advance into the next phase of deliberations.

The Trump administration argues that California, which recently became a “Sanctuary State,” is defying federal law by harboring illegals and refusing to cooperate with federal immigration officials.

California is attempting to shield at least 2.3 million illegal aliens from being deported, claiming the Trump administration is “over-stepping its authority” by carrying out sweeping raids in the state.

California couldn’t be more wrong if they tried, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been working to withhold more grants from the non-compliant liberal state.

Sessions said states and cities who harbor illegals are only accelerating the crime and gang violence.

In July, Sessions put states on notice that they would no longer receive Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance grants unless they complied with federal immigration officials.

Sessions is asking states to share data from detention facilities and notify immigration officials when an illegal is about to be released — both of which are basic functions of the law.

But California has continued to display hostility toward the Trump administration and refuses to comply.

After prioritizing illegals over law-abiding Americans, President Donald Trump has made it clear his administration will continue to cut funding to states who defy federal law.

This is just one of many measures the DOJ is preparing to take against defiant liberal states.

Source: Washington Times