IT Aide Gets Off

PUBLISHED: 6:33 PM 22 Aug 2018
UPDATED: 6:36 PM 22 Aug 2018

Judge Rules On Dem IT Aide, Gives Minimal Punishment

Although there are numerous claims of bad behavior on his part, the leftist IT aide from Pakistan received a minimal amount of punishment.

A judge ruled on the punishment for a longtime democrat IT aide, and decided to hand out a very minimal sentence despite the accusations against him.

It seems that often, those with political connections receive little to no punishment for breaking laws that would land the average person in prison. While military personnel have their careers ruined over classified information being mishandled, Hillary Clinton escaped without being charged, for example.

Yet again, a person with connections to the democrats has found that instead of receiving a serious criminal sentence for his offences, he received a slap on the wrist. This time, that person is Imran Awan, a former IT aide for a wide number of democrats, who received an underwhelming sentence. The ‘deep state’ certainly provided him with an interesting lawyer, a former Hillary Clinton aide, and strangely, the judge decided he had “suffered” enough for his alleged hacking, history of land theft, and beatings, giving him almost no punishment.

Imran Awan’s legal issues began when a democrat-appointed inspector general discovered that he had illegally made “unauthorized access” to computers belonging to offices in the House.

Awan and his family, many of whom worked for him, were banned from the House computer network in February, 2017, after the top law enforcement officer for Congress wrote that Awan, in particular, represented an “ongoing and serious risk” to the integrity of information systems.

The inspector general also said that a server containing evidence of the unauthorized access had gone missing, and that server logs showed that records of access to the system, as well as procurement records for the IT work, were both being falsified.

In a strange twist, the Department of Justice said that the only thing it could validate from the investigation were the bank fraud charges, even though investigators turned up far more information against the Awan family.

Among the violations were actions like the hiding of LLCs, one of which received $100,000 from a government minister from Iraq, on ethics disclosure forms required of employees of the House.

Leftist media reporters declared that this evidence had been ‘debunked,’ but the Justice Department never managed to explain how, or why there was such a massive difference between evidence turned up by investigations (including one launched by house democrats).

In a statement issued on July 3, 2018, by the Capitol Police, they said that Imran Awan had committed “numerous violations” of internal controls and regulations concerning House IT networks.

None of this seemed to matter to the federal judge, who heard multiple sob stories about how Imran Awan was a destitute man building a charity hospital in Pakistan in order to cement his father’s legacy.

It seems like the judge didn’t much care that reports and newspaper articles from Pakistan in 2009 showed that the property wasn’t a charity hospital, but a major real estate complex known as the ‘colony,’ locally.

According to the local paper, and the accounts of a dozen farmers, Imran, and his father worked together to steal their land, using the political muscle that came from his job in Congress, then allegedly cut both of their partners out of the deal.

Imran Awan’s own stepmother made a claim, in a Virginia civil court, that her stepson essentially “held her in captivity” and wiretapped her home in Virginia, all in order to get power of attorney over his father, her dying husband, in order to get access to the land inheritance.

The IT aide’s lawyer, former Hillary Clinton aide Chris Gowen, neglected to mention that Awan’s co-defendant, also a former democrat aide named Hina Alvi, filed a lawsuit against his client in Pakistan less than a year ago.

That lawsuit claimed that he threatened her with “dire consequences” as well as threatening her family.

Allegedly, the cause of that exchange was Alvi’s discovery that Awan was married to a second woman in Virginia, named Sumaira Siddique.

According to police records in the area, Siddique called the police on Awan multiple times, and was found bloodied on at least one occasion when officers responded.

She called officers in July 2016, claiming she was being held “like a slave,” then fled to Pakistan days later, where gunmen shot out the windows of her home.

Even with all these strange coincidences surrounding their worker’s life, democrats didn’t want to fire a person accused of unauthorized access to their servers and computers.

Instead, many defended him, and some even suggested that it was a political witch hunt, which apparently spanned two continents.

In the end, Judge Tanya S. Chutkan allowed Awan to walk away with only three months of supervised release, which will prevent him from returning to Pakistan for those three months, but does little else. Unsurprisingly, Chutkan was appointed by Barack Obama.

Yet another case of a democrat-connected person who got away with serious crimes with a punishment not even appropriately described as a slap on the wrist.