PUBLISHED: 9:34 PM 6 Dec 2017
UPDATED: 9:51 PM 6 Dec 2017

Judge Rejects Sanctuary Sheriff’s Dismissal Plea, Danger To Community “Support” Enrages Leftists

The sheriff recieved bad news when her attempts to weasel out of a lawsuit levied against her blocked.

The sheriff recieved bad news when her attempts to weasel out of a lawsuit levied against her blocked.

Cynthia Carletti from Judicial Watch is spearheading a lawsuit against the city of San Francisco. The suit seeks to terminate restrictive policies placed on law enforcement officials upheld by the county sheriff. Sheriff Vicky Hennessy filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit against her. However, Superior Court Judge Harold Kahn soundly rejected the motion.

Kahn’s response to the motion, there was “sufficient support at this stage of the case for Ms. Carletti’s allegation that the sheriff’s policy prohibiting or restricting release information about suspected priority aliens stands as an obstacle to Congress’ asserted purpose of enabling federal immigration officials to gain access to inmates who may have violated federal immigration law.”

Sheriff Hennessy upholds a policy which prohibits her officers from cooperating with federal immigration authorities. The lawsuit seeks to block Hennessy from using taxpayer funds to uphold and enforce the sanctuary city regulation.

The policy prohibits law enforcement from releasing pertinent information about suspects in custody to immigration officials. This policy allows criminal illegal aliens to be released onto the masses in San Francisco.

San Francisco is the sanctuary city where a seven-time felon, five-time deported, illegal alien, was released from custody, and would later shoot an American, Kate Steinle, in the back. Zarate, the illegal alien who shot Steinle, was tried for the murder in San Francisco. Zarate would later be found not guilty in the shooting death, although he admitted to firing the bullet that killed the young woman.

The sheriff is complicit in allowing illegal aliens to run amok throughout the city, terrorizing residents. San Francisco is a “sanctuary city” in name only. San Francisco implemented sanctuary city policies in 1989, in a misguided effort to curb crime by facilitating cooperation between the illegal immigrant community and law enforcement. Although the policy was aimed at lowering crime rates, it has had an inverse effect, drawing more criminals into the area.

The Sanctuary city policies of San Francisco are outrageous. This past June, an illegal alien sued the city of San Francisco for reporting him to Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents(ICE). Reporting the illegal alien was a clear violation of the sanctuary city ordinances. The city settled with the criminal, and agreed to pay the illegal alien a hefty sum of S190,000. For liberals, those are tax dollars well spent.

San Francisco is home to approximately a quarter million illegal aliens. The liberal run city is suffering as a result. Law enforcement is actively complicit in contributing to the crime wave when they do not cooperate with ICE. San Francisco has one of the highest violent crime rates in the nation, with about 6,789 violent crimes committed annually. That’s a rate of 7.85 violent crimes per 1,000 residents.

Contrary to propaganda put out by many media outlets, illegal immigrants cause a rise in crime. An analysis of the criminals convicted and sentenced for federal drug crimes in 2014, found that 75% of the convicts were illegals. According to the same data, illegal aliens represented 33% of all federal convictions. This is well beyond their representation as a part of the United States population.

Data of individual states also shows an over-representation in incarceration rates for illegal aliens. Illegal immigrants even have a higher incarceration rate in the Hennessy’s home state of California. Many of those incarcerated have committed violent acts, such as the 2,400 illegal aliens in their prisons for homicide.

In other illegal immigrant friendly states, the trend also holds true. For example, in New York, illegal aliens are three times as likely to be in prison per capita when compared to their legal immigrant and native counterparts.

San Francisco has one of the largest illegal immigrant communities in the nation.

Hennessy is defending a destructive policy, which does not allow her officers to engage with immigration authorities in a meaningful way. This practice presents a clear danger to the American people. President Trump has enabled immigration authorities to better serve our country, however, sheriff’s like Hennessy are actively thwarting his efforts.

If the case against Hennessy prevails, San Francisco sheriff’s officers will be able to communicate freely with immigration officials. It is unclear however, if other city officials will be granted the same latitude. The cooperation effort will ease the high crime rates by removing thousands of illegal immigrants who inflate the dismal numbers.