PUBLISHED: 5:02 PM 1 Sep 2017
UPDATED: 6:54 PM 1 Sep 2017

Judge Issues Court Order After Federal Government Refuses To Release Hillary Info

Judge Boasberg just issued a wakeup call for Hillary Clinton, it isn't over.

Judge Boasberg just issued a wakeup call for Hillary Clinton, it isn't over.

Judge Boasberg just issued a wakeup call for Hillary Clinton, it isn’t over.

Earlier this week, we reported on the stunning decision of the FBI to refuse a Freedom of Information Act request to release records on the handling of the Hillary Clinton email scandal. Their reason was baffling, they stated that there was not enough public interest in the case to outweigh the privacy concerns. U.S. District Judge James E. Boasberg has issued a ruling that reverses the FBI’s decision.

Lawyer Ty Clevenger had been the one to request the information originally. He was shocked when he received the letter from the FBI stating;

“You have not sufficiently demonstrated that the public’s interest in disclosure outweighs personal privacy interests of the subject. It is incumbent upon the requester to provide documentation regarding the public’s interest in the operations and activities of the government before records can be processed pursuant to the FOIA.”

Judicial Watch and the Cause of Action Institute had also been pushing for the release of these documents. The judged stated that “After reviewing the document in camera, the court concludes that it largely rehashes information already made public, thus obviating any need for secrecy.”

Sadly, besides overturning the decision by the FBI, it also overrules objections by some of President Trump’s administration that the release would violate the grand jury secrecy rules. President of Judicial Watch Tom Fitton thinks the president should be concerned with that fact;

“President Trump ought to be outraged his appointees are protecting Hillary Clinton. The State Department should initiate action with the Justice Department — and both agencies should finally take the necessary steps to recover all the government emails Hillary Clinton unlawfully removed.”

It will be interesting to watch what the FBI does with this order from Judge Boasberg. They may challenge it or we may see the eventual release of the records without more of a fight. It was exposed yesterday that former FBI Director James Comey had decided not to charge Clinton with a crime before the investigation was even finished.

This ruling by Judge Boasberg lends a little balance to an organization that has been severely biased for a long time.

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