Judge Stops Flynn Case Drop

PUBLISHED: 1:01 PM 13 May 2020
UPDATED: 5:03 PM 13 May 2020

Judge Blocks DOJ From Dropping Case? Flynn Lawyers Immediately Act

Sullivan suddenly took this position, despite refusing it in 2017… so what changed?

How is this even possible? (Source: Washington Post YouTube Screenshot)

Last night, news of Emmet Sullivan essentially forbidding the Department of Justice from dropping the Michael Flynn case, stunned the American public. But, the change in sentiment may be traced back to that “leaked” Obama phone call to his operatives.

Conservative Treehouse reported:

Now the purpose of the leaked conference call, aka instructions, from former President Barack Obama come into play.

In a very unusual move today Michael Flynn’s judge, Emmet Sullivan, enters an order granting outside parties the time to enter amicus briefs (friend of the court) to assist in guiding the court; a briefing schedule to follow.

…”Given the posture of the case the court anticipates individuals and organizations will seek leave to file amicus briefs” …

It looks like the judge wants to give former DOJ employees (2,000 signatures on letter) an opportunity to publicly undermine and undercut the position of the DOJ in moving to dismiss the charges.  Infuriating, remarkable and transparently political.

Judge Sullivan even cited famously political Judge Amy Berman Jackson, a subtle hat/tip to President Obama’s recent May 8th instructions.  Sullivan’s order can put to rest any contemplation of him holding corrupt prosecutor Brandon Van Grack to account; and only further delays removing the sword of damocles from atop Lt. General Michael Flynn.

The transparent purpose of allowing public comment, specifically from the Lawfare resistance group, is to undermine the DOJ and further create a political narrative around AG Bill Barr.   However, on the positive side this might stir Barr to release even more damaging information to counter the political efforts of Judge Sullivan.  Quite remarkable.

In response, Flynn’s defense team immediately responded.

Conservative Treehouse reported:

In response to Judge Emmet Sullivan announcing a delay in Flynn ruling to allow third party amicus briefs to be filed with the court, Michael Flynn’s defense counsel files a motion in opposition. [Cloud pdf Here]

Embed pdf below

In opposition to the delay Attorney Sidney Powell notes Judge Sullivan’s earlier ruling of December 20, 2017, disallowing amicus briefs in this case.


It sure does make a person wonder what changed between December 2017 when Judge Sullivan said no amicus briefs would be allowed, to May 2020 when Judge Sullivan is requesting amicus briefs to be entertained?….

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