PUBLISHED: 7:33 PM 11 Apr 2017

Juanita Broaddrick Sends Out Bold Statement On Hillary’s New Book: Will She Include It?


Mrs. Clinton has never properly addressed questions regarding why she covered for her husbands rapes.

It is more than whispered that Hillary Clinton is not ready to go riding into the sunset yet. Her dreams of being the President of the United States have thankfully been put to rest (and the world sighs), but she has been seen as a likely candidate for Mayor of New York City. She may be able to overcome her dreadful record of service because she is, after all, a Democrat. They have a record of being elected with a proven history of bad leadership. Just ask Jerry Brown. Her bigger issue, at least in some voters minds, is the fact that she is not only married to a rapist, but she threatened and menaced his victims!

If Clinton could find a way to make herself the victim by portraying these woman as all fraudulent, then it would solve both problems. Her husband would be vindicated and she would be nothing but a sad housewife who just cleared her “good name.” This is why one of Bill Clinton’s victims, Juanita Broaddrick, is wondering if a new book from Hillary will “attempt to destroy ” the character of those who suffered through the attacks. Broaddrick alleges that she was raped by Mr. Clinton in 1978, and surely has a few bold statements for Mrs. Clinton regarding how she was mistreated afterwards.

This latest disturbance in the water was caused by a tweet from Jake Tapper of CNN who said, “Hillary Clinton talks about her pending book & subjects therein,” to which Broaddrick fearlessly replied, asking, “In the chapter on misogyny does Hillary discuss her attempts to destroy victims of Bill Clinton?????” This should have made Clinton happy since she says that she likes strong, assertive women, but in this instance, it is assumed to not be the case. Still, Broaddrick has a point to make because there has never been a good answer to questions. Are that many women lying? What happened to Clinton saying that women who claim rape need to be believed?

Worse for the potential would-be mayor is that a number of Twitter users were quick to join Broaddrick in mockery of Clinton. They did so in great numbers, too. User American Infidel said that the part concerning the sexual assaults was “left out.” Chelle Jones typed, “Her last book was such a flop I am surprised they ordered another. WOW,” while user Pat Phelan says that Clinton “has been running for President since 1992” and still has “no cigar.” This means that when assured liberal grounds are stomped on for any potential mayoral run, Clinton is going to be facing the same kind of resistance that America showed her when they stopped her from being our nation’s leader.


Juanita Broaddrick’s (pictured) story has all of the hallmarks of the truth.

Rather than understanding that her country has rejected her because they hate her liberal views on the borders, her party’s ruination of healthcare, her eagerness to attack Putin, and basically all that she stands for, she blames misogyny. She thinks that her gender “played a role,” in the election. Clinton is still blind to the realities that America simply detests socialism, not women. Trump beat Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, Jeb Bush, and a total of 17 men, too. Are they going to cry gender hatred also, or did they just lose? For that matter, did Carly Fiorina make such claims, or even Sarah Palin?

Broaddrick, it should be remembered, has told an unchanging story since the early 1990s. While it would’ve been far more helpful had she done it much sooner, her tale is unwavering and has all of the hallmarks of the truth. She has not hidden, shied away, nor lived in fear, either. She claims that she was raped by William Jefferson Clinton in a hotel room as she begged him to step. He bit her lip until it bled (a common story among his victims who, at the time of their reports, did NOT know another to collaborate falsely), held her down, raped her, and told her to put ice on her mouth as he left. She also says that Hillary Clinton covered up for the crime in every way possible, doing nothing to stop him or call him to justice.

Juanita Broaddrick listens during a meeting with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and Paula Jones, Kathy Shelton, and Kathleen Willey, before the second presidential debate with democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at Washington University, Sunday, Oct. 9, 2016, in St. Louis. (AP Photo/ Evan Vucci)

Like Paula Jones and others, Juanita Broaddrick (pictured) says that Bill Clinton attacked her sexually. In her case, the rape occurred in 1978, in a hotel room.

Trump famously invited the victims to sit in on the debate that was broadcasted live in 2016. There stood Clinton, having to look at women who her husband found not only more important than his marriage (even if it is just for image, as suspected) and their future, but to such a degree that he took their attentions by brute force. Being cheated on is one thing, especially if the marriage is a beard to begin with, but to support a rapist even under those circumstances is something that can not be accepted, even in our age of immorality and filth.

No one enjoys reading these kinds of facts, but when the biggest city in the United States of America is about to see a potential mayor who is not only liberal to a point of bankruptcy, but has the morality of a snake, all of these things matter. No one is past sin, and if she is only with Mr. Clinton because America likes to see “a family” in office, then so be it. Most of America can overlook that, no matter if it was done due to her sexual morays or his. No one cares in 2017 any longer. However, we do still care about rape, thankfully. It can be imagined in the not too distant future that we won’t if we keep on the path that we are on now, but as it stands, we do still. That means that when someone who wants to be a leader has been proven to be soulless towards those that were raped for her own gain, she must be stopped.


What Bill Clinton did to Broaddrick not only harmed her on that dreadful night, but it has affected her ever since.

That is what it all boils down to, after all. The scandal and yellow press, even if she did not rape anyone (clearly), would be front page news for a year if she would have ben honest about her husband. Instead, she allowed it to happen and even threatened the people who her husband hurt. These were people who trusted him and who wanted see their careers flourish as his star rose. He took this trust and dashed not only it, but also their most personal being, too. This wasn’t consensual sex in a hotel room, for even adultery is not on par with what Mr. Clinton did. Thanks to the bravery of Juanita Broaddrick, America won’t be forgetting this fact.