Free Speech Protests

PUBLISHED: 3:53 PM 29 May 2018

Journalist Sentenced For Reporting On Migrant ‘Slave Ring’ Court Case

Protests broke out in multiple nations due to the despotism of the British Government

Tommy Robinson was arrested for reporting on a migrant 'white slavery' case. The courts gave him 13 months in prison, and decided to deny ongoing reporting on either case.

In recent months, with threats of criminal penalties for ‘anti-Muslim’ speech, it’s become quite obvious that there is no ‘free speech’ in the United Kingdom. Now, the British government’s treatment of a local politician turned-member of the press has been jailed. His crime? Reporting the truth about a ‘migrant’ trial.

For daring to report on a massive ‘Islamic rape gang’ in England, he was sentenced to 13 months in prison. Some supporters of the reporter believe that the British government are hoping incarcerated Muslims will kill him, and that this may be the reason the trial was sealed from reporters. However, this punishment has kicked off an international firestorm. Worldwide protests demand the release of Tommy Robinson and preservation of ‘free speech’ in the UK. What has happened to England, that even Germans are protesting its lack of liberty?

The demonstrations around the world broke out after he was arrested for daring to report on a trial concerning an Islamic ‘grooming’ gang, that according to multiple accounts groomed dozens, if not hundreds, of young British girls for sexual abuse and prostitution.

So far, organized movements have been held outside of Downing Street (where Prime Minister Theresa May lives), as well as in Australia’s two largest cities, Melbourne and Sydney.

Multiple politicians from around the world have also voiced their displeasure with the obvious censorship of the former politician.

Tommy Robinson is not a name that most in the United States know. He’s one of the co-founders of the English Defense League, which he resigned from after its membership became too extreme for his liking. Since then, he’s worked for the Canadian right-leaning organization and publication Rebel Media.

On May 25, he was arrested outside of a British court in Leeds for reporting on a case involving 29 Muslims, two of whom were women, accused of abusing young girls in the United Kingdom and forcing them into prostitution.

Accusers and experts said that the gang operated on an “industrial scale.”

The United Kingdom has had a number of similar cases recently, including the revelation of a child sex abuse and ‘white slavery’ ring in Rochdale, which the local police ignored for two years. It has been widely alleged that the reason the claims were ignored was that the individuals running the ring were Pakistani Muslims.

When the story broke in British media in 2012, the perpetrators were referred to as ‘Asians,’ rather than Pakistani Muslims.

Even Mohammed Shafiq, the head of the Ramadhan Foundation, noted that Islam in the United Kingdom was very much related to child sexual assaults and enslavement, saying that 87% of convictions involving such exploitation were handed down to Pakistani Muslim men living in England.

Tommy Robinson was outside the court in Leeds in an attempt to ensure that the court didn’t just cover up the allegations, and the myriad failures of the local police to act on numerous accusations of misconduct.

He was live streaming outside the court when police approached him and arrested him for a ‘breach of the peace.’

After Robinson was taken into custody, a judge issued a ‘reporting restriction’ on both his trial and the ongoing ‘grooming’ trial involving the 29 ‘English Asian’ individuals.

Hours ago, the judge lifted the reporting restriction on his trial, and revealed that the court sentenced the reporter for “contempt of court by publishing information that could prejudice an ongoing trial.”

In other words, he dared to report on a trial with horrific implications that showcased the failings of British police who would rather kowtow to political correctness than do their jobs, and that displeased the government.

England has prosecuted a number of similar sex rings since the turn of the century. There was the Rotherham child sexual exploitation scandal, the Rochdale sex trafficking gang, and child sex abuse rings in Telford, Oxford, Banbury, Derby, Bristol, Newcastle, Halifax, and Peterborough.

All involved Muslim perpetrators.

In almost every case, the British police were informed YEARS before they took any action. And in most cases, many members of the child abuse rings got away with short jail sentences, totaling four or five years.

If truthfully reporting on an ongoing issue in the United Kingdom is ‘contempt of court,’ then British courts must be terrifying places indeed.

The fact that the court held its extremely short hearing on Robinson’s alleged crime, and sentenced him in complete secrecy, is also somewhat disturbing to anyone concerned with freedom.

Gerard Batten, a British MP and leader of the Independence Party, said that he had not ever heard of a similar case where ‘justice’ was meted out surrounded by such secrecy.

It certainly doesn’t seem like it took long for a judge to sentence the reporter. The case, which began with Robinson’s Friday arrest, was listed as ‘closed’ on a Leeds Crown Court website on the same day.

Robinson, who had received a suspended sentence for an earlier attempt to report on a ‘grooming’ case in 2017 using a hidden camera, was sentenced to serve 13 months in prison.

While the United Kingdom continues to penalize people who dare to speak out about the issues Islam has brought to the land, those in the United States should be thankful that constitutional freedoms still allow people to speak their minds openly. AT least for now, they do.

In an interesting twist, the ban on reporting concerning the ‘child grooming’ case involving 29 accused pedophiles and child sex traffickers remained in place.

This is what happens without full First Amendment protections. Eventually, the government begins to declare people ‘subversive’ or accuse them of ‘inciting,’ and then they end up in prison for reporting on things that don’t show the government in a positive light.

Whatever he may have done before, it’s doubtful that Robinson deserves this punishment. However, the public outcry that has accompanied the sentencing may be too little, too late.