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PUBLISHED: 4:42 PM 28 Jun 2018
UPDATED: 10:14 PM 28 Jun 2018

Journalist Presses Charges Against Democrat Icon

The journalist said she was assaulted by the Congresswoman, and video evidence backs it up.

Maxine Waters, well know for her angry outbursts and her demands for the impeachment of Donald Trump, has had charges pressed against her for assaulting a reporter.

Maxine Waters, the congressional representative for California’s 43rd Congressional District, has been in the news fairly often recently. Most of the time, this is usually for her demands that Donald Trump step down, or that the legislature should impeach him for some sort of imagined wrong.

However, now a journalist from the BizPac Review has pressed charges against Mrs. Waters, claiming the famously incoherent and angry leftist assaulted her, and ‘hit’ her in the face. What will happen, and will she be held responsible for her actions like she demands everyone else should be? A police report has been filed, chrges have been pressed, and there is video evidence to back up the reporter’s claim.

Laura Loomer, the journalist in question, said that she was on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday, June 26. She attempted to approach Rep. Waters, and then, according to Loomer, Waters responded by hitting her hand, then hit her in the face twice with the papers she was carrying.

Due to this response, the journalist filed a police report with Capitol Police, who oversee security in the area.

In an almost poetic twist, Loomer was confronting Waters in an attempt to get an answer concerning the new ‘policy’ that the California Democrat was pushing her followers to implement; harassing members of the Donald Trump administration wherever they encountered them.

The Congresswoman said that her followers, if they saw anyone from the Cabinet out and about, in public, should “push back on them,” and tell them that they are “not welcome, anymore, anywhere.”

That sounds vaguely like encouraging people to harass, or even lay hands, on political opponents.

After Waters made her suggestion to her audience, Judicial Watch, a well-known watchdog group that keeps an eye on the happenings in D.C., sent a letter to the House Office of Congressional Ethics, demanding an investigation.

Another source claimed that the United States Secret Service, who is responsible for the safety of workers in the White House, was already investigating.

When Loomer, caught on videotape, asked Waters to explain her calls for harassing her political rivals, Waters hit her with the papers.

Then one of the burly goons on her security squad yelled at the reporter that the elevator the representative walked into was a members’ elevator.

In a shocking display of immaturity, the 79-year-old Congresswoman could be seen sticking her tongue out at the reporter, and gloating as she was pushed away from the elevator.

Waters’ recent rants calling for targeting of the Trump administration and its members included a claim she’s repeatedly made, about how the president’s merely being in his position, which he was legally and lawfully elected to by the American people, “disrespects all of us.”

She also is fond of claiming that God is on her side.

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch, commented on the situation, saying that it is urgent that the House Ethics Committee quickly do something to hold the immature Waters responsible for making statements that could lead to a dangerous situation.

He also cited a requirement, found in House Rule 23, clause 1, that says that a member should act in a way that will “reflect credibility on the House.”

It’s likely that few people think hitting a reporter and then gloating about it would reflect well on the House of Representatives.

Fitton further said that by encouraging citizens to harass those who work for Donald J. Trump, Waters seems to be easily in violation of House rules.

Pat Buchanan, who has been in politics since George H. W. Bush’s administration, warned that violence can come from such inflammatory rhetoric.

He noted that members of the administration had already been harassed, asked to leave locations, or confronted by protesters simply for where they work.

Buchanan also reminded people that just a year ago, James Hodgkinson, a former Bernie Sander campaign volunteer, opened fire on Republicans practicing for the baseball game against Democrats.

Had it not been for the quick action of local police and his security detail, House Majority Whip Steve Scalise could easily have died, and it could have been a massacre.

Hopefully, Maxine Waters experiences some sort of consequences for her absurd, ignorant, and irresponsible comments. However, given the fact that her record of corruption in the past, and her friendship with Louis Farrakhan, a man so hateful in his rhetoric that even the Southern Poverty Law Center had to call him a hate monger, have never lead to any punishment, it’s hard to foresee this being any more serious.

For those who remember her history, it’s a bit hard to take Waters’ claims that Trump is evil or awful seriously. This is the same woman who repeatedly went to Cuba and praised Fidel Castro, after all.

She’s even the same person who called Bill Clinton to demand the return Elian Gonzales to Cuba. This is the same person who said that the Tea Party could go to hell, and that she intended “to help get them there,” which also sounds threatening.

Yet somehow, she keeps getting re-elected by the 43rd district. Maybe the Secret Service will hold her responsible, for once.