Free Speech Dead

PUBLISHED: 7:05 PM 14 Jun 2018

Journalist Moved To Muslim Populated Prison, Fears Worst

Tommy Robinson dared to report on a Muslim migrant child trafficking ring, so he was jailed.

Why are English authorities purposefully putting Robinson in harms way for the "crime" of trying to stop a child sex gang?

In 2018, the so-called “real” news like CNN is anything but, supposed “fake” news sites control the media. But, in Britain, there is no longer any free speech. Gateway Pundit has confirmed that is certainly the case with UK activist Tommy Robinson. He was arrested and imprisoned for reporting on the criminal case against a Muslim Migrant sex gang.

The U.K., acting more like a Middle Eastern dictatorship, has banned reporting. Paul Joseph Watson of Infowars has even written that the journalist is being held in a 71% Muslim majority prison, so his safety is a concern. Some people have called this move “a death sentence” for the activist as inmates are threatening to kill him daily. An Imam has even “placed a hit” on him while in prison. Now that England has taken the people’s gun, the people must fight for the last liberty left. Sadly, they are losing ans swiftly becoming slaves.

Inmates were banging on cell walls last night shouting death threats,” and all protests about this have been ignored by the U.K. and the supposed “real” news outlets. If the roles were reversed (which would also be vile), would the media turn a such a blind to it then?

Coalan Rob appeared on the Alex Jones Show saying, “As soon as he arrived he was told there are people here who don’t like him. He was put on the main wing which is [sic] central main heart of the prison. It’s not solitary it’s the main open season(?) part of the prison… And that was where he was put.” (He likely means it is open season on Robinson.)

Here, it is wise to pause and to understand that Mr. Robinson is only serving 14 months. Solitary confinement under such circumstances would not be that hard to achieve considering the clear need, yet he is placed like meat in front of bloodthirsty lions.

We found specifics of the prison. It is around 71% Muslim. This is really, really, really disastrous. The last one was close to 2%. As soon as he arrived he looked around. He could see people shouting. It’s really, really quite terrifying. He went to his cell. He said all night people were shouting and banging on his door, screaming death threats…We also have there’s been a hit by an imam on him directly,Rob also stated.

Isn’t it interesting that the religion of peace does not try to convert the man, but rather attack him for daring to report on the vile, disgusting activities of its members? It appears that whole sections of the Koran dealing with conversion attempts can be just pushed under the prayer mat at will.

Hopefully, this latest push of media attention by those who are really covering the authentic news will create enough of an outcry that Robinson will be moved to a more secure location for the next year.

The authorities may be hoping to simply scare the activist into complacency when he leaves the prison system, but if so, they are likely only proving his point. Everyone can see what is happening, the facts are easy to confirm, and the establishment that is treating Robinson unfairly have no way to claim otherwise.

They can’t call this fake news so they have taken a new tactic. This is more like unreported news, which is just as bad.