Key House Positions

PUBLISHED: 8:40 PM 7 Feb 2020
UPDATED: 8:45 PM 7 Feb 2020

Jordan, Meadows Moved To Top Positions On Key House Committees

This strategic move will ensure that when Republicans regain control of the House, actual investigations into the wrongdoing of the previous administration are conducted.

Smart move. (Source: Fox News YouTube Screenshot)

Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows, both GOP Reps. are being moved to top positions within key House committees.

Jordan will take over the leadership of the Judiciary Committee, and Meadows on the House Oversight. Both men have been leaders in searching out actual truth and wrongdoing in the previous administration, as well as exposing liberal plots and schemes to attack President Trump.

When Republicans regain control of the House in 2020, this could mean that actual progress in exposing and cleaning up the swamp can occur.

Conservative Treehouse reported:

These moves highlight how President Donald Trump, and the priorities he has put forth into the GOP, are now leading the Republican party.

The President is correct: “the republican party has never been more united.” Most of the GOP ranks in the House have been removed and the strategic conservative/nationalist movement is now in place.

HJC Ranking Member Doug Collins is running for a Georgia Senate Seat; within the republican House rules he must leave his ranking position on the committee. Today the House steering committee overwhelmingly picked Representative Jim Jordan to take over as the top ranking member on the Judiciary Committee to replace Doug Collins.

Mark Meadows will take over republican leadership of the House Oversight Committee for the remainder of the year replacing Jim Jordan. This is a smart move as Jordan will be in position to counter the efforts of Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler.

Additionally, and in anticipation of the Republicans retaking the House in November, this move is a unifying effort by House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy to ascend the MAGA coalition into more influence. Kevin McCarthy wants to be Speaker if Republicans can retake the House.

Jim Jordan was a founder of the House Freedom Caucus and was adverse to the GOPe leadership interests of Speaker Paul Ryan and Leader Kevin McCarthy. However, McCarthy recognizes the new Republican party is the party of President Trump and the blue-collar coalition. His support for Jim Jordan is reflective of the Trump movement now leading the party.

WASHINGTON DC – During a closed-door meeting on Thursday, the GOP Steering Committee overwhelmingly selected Jordan (R-Ohio) to be the top Republican on the panel, according to multiple sources with knowledge of the internal vote. Jordan will replace Rep. Doug Collins, who recently announced a Georgia Senate bid and is required to step down from the top post under GOP conference rules.

The full Republican conference still needs to approve Jordan and Meadows for the posts, but usually backs the recommendations from the Steering Committee, which includes the top members of GOP leadership — including Jordan’s former rival House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), whose vote carries the most weight.

Collins is not expected to step down immediately, and leadership has indicated that they would give him a month-long period to transition his staff.

Before the Steering Committee voted on Thursday, Jordan and Meadows — who are fresh off assisting with Trump’s impeachment defense — made a pitch to their colleagues on the panels. No other candidates ran for the jobs, however, essentially ensuring they were locks for the positions.

Meadows is retiring, however, so the GOP will have to find another leader for the panel later this year.

Many conservatives feel only thankful and blessed to have both Jordan and Meadows fighting for truth and justice in the House.