Last Lone Stand

PUBLISHED: 7:50 PM 4 Mar 2019

Jordan And Meadows: The Only Reps. Fighting For Truth

A letter sent to Attorney General William Barr questions the sincerity and independence of two members of Mueller’s cabal, while Jordan takes on obtuse and idiotic Chuck Todd.

The democrat controlled house is moving with the impeachment groundwork, but the only conservatives standing up to the deep state are Meadows and Jordan.

Representatives Jim Jordan and Mark Meadows sent a letter (full pdf) to Attorney General William Barr questioning the independence of two members of Robert Mueller’s cabal of henchmen, Zainab Ahmad and Andrew Weissmann.

“While a letter from congress to the DOJ amounts to further process frustration for those who bear witness to the corruption that took place; there is a valuable dynamic at play  which may help answer whether AG William Barr is factually going to address corruption, or whether he is apt to just cover it up.

“Both Weissmann and Ahmad were involved in contacts and discussions with DOJ official Bruce Ohr as he transferred the Clinton/Steele dossier from his wife, Nellie Ohr, and from Fusion GPS into the FBI to advance a political investigation targeting Donald Trump

“Over time evidence has surfaced showing how a small group of approximately eighteen officials within the DOJ and FBI worked in concert with media and political operatives to target Trump for the benefit of candidate Hillary Clinton.

“In the aftermath of the 2016 election, this same small group manipulated the offices of the DOJ and FBI to get Special Counsel Robert Mueller appointed by Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein.

“Mueller did not select his team; the small group of corrupt officials selected him. The appointment of Mueller was necessary for the group to protect themselves, and advance their ongoing political interests.

Andrew Weissmann and Zainab Ahmad are part of that DOJ small group who transferred into the Mueller probe. In essence they, along with others, protected exposure of their own corrupt and highly unlawful conduct.”

Jordan and Meadows have informed new Attorney General about the conflict and have requested a response by mid-March.

“If William Barr has any intention of dealing with the corruption within the DOJ and FBI, we should anticipate seeing such evidence within a response.

“However, if AG William Barr is not going to deal with these issues; and if he is going to participate in a cover-up of the weaponization of the DOJ and FBI (a most likely scenario); his lack of action should answer the question(s).”

Meanwhile, Jordan went on NBC to speak on Chuck Todd’s highly liberal program “Meet The Press” on Sunday and defended the president, who indeed, has done nothing wrong or warranting the level of investigation concocted by democrats.

Watching Todd, who deliberately ignores facts, is revolting. However, Jordan sticks to the real issue: Hillary Clinton’s collusion with Russia to impact the presidential election.

Indeed, these two men are the only people fighting for truth and exposure of the deep state within congress. Every other democrat is counting on the stupidity of the voter.