Military Gets Politically Correct Rules

PUBLISHED: 12:58 AM 10 Feb 2018

Jokes And Insults Classified As Sexual Harassment, Mattis Reassures His Troops

Mattis told them he doesn’t want the military to lose its sense of humor.

The Pentagon released the Department of Defense Instruction 1020.03: “Harassment Prevention and Response in the Armed Forces" on Thursday.

According to the Military Times, the Pentagon executed a new policy that now targets harassment. Apparently, this policy includes a crackdown on “put-downs” and different kinds of “offensive jokes.” Analysts believe this action represents one of the most important victories of the #MeToo movement.

The Pentagon released the Department of Defense Instruction 1020.03: “Harassment Prevention and Response in the Armed Forces” on Thursday.

Apparently, we’re talking about a 23-page  set of regulations that while many people consider quite necessary, others believe this could probably set a turning with unpredictable consequences.

The document outlines what it described as a “comprehensive” DoD-wide military harassment prevention and response program which one of its main goals is to ensure harmony and discipline among the forces.

As reported by the Military Times, the instructions pointed out that harassment may include epithets, insults or “put-downs,” ridicule or mockery, and especially any kind of offensive joke.

In addition, the instructions include racially-tinged interactions as well as physical threats, since it pointed out that these create a hostile and intimidating environment.

Naturally, those who criticize these measures believe that military camaraderie could be compromised. After all, they claim that while some of the elements that the instructions pointed out do exist, these don’t represent the majority of the cases.

Also, those who criticize these measures believe that U.S. military well-known efficiency could be compromised, considering the changes that would take place.

Responding to these claims, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said that the new law is nothing more than a product of the times we are living. In addition, he pointed out that the measures will not affect military camaraderie, and guaranteed that the U.S. military efficiency will remain rock-solid.

According to Mattis, people need to adapt to their times, considering that it is the only way to maintain a good performance every time that is needed.

However, while Mattis publicly defended the new law and agreed to execute it, he also had a critical stance on one particular detail.

According to the Defense Secretary, everyone knows there’s a “rough, good humor” among the American soldiers. He said that while that’s an undeniable fact, he personally never seen that this particular humor ended up framing some kind of bigoted or “repellent” attitude.

In addition, Mattis said that he doesn’t want to lose all sense in the military. Furthermore, he has never seen a single ounce of belief in the military that a soldier can denigrate someone.

Naturally, the point that Mattis shares with those who criticize the law is that this one implies that the military is an environment where discrimination is the most common issue.

As everyone knows, General Mattis himself is well-known not only for his intensity and efficiency but also for using a tough, colorful language.

While his style in words is quite famous, not a single politician in the United States has found any kind of discriminatory or racist incident in his successful career.

The Secretary of Defense has achieved a legendary status on par with the most important heroes in the history of the U.S. military.

Believe it or not, stories of his incredible achievements are told almost in the same way that Pershing, Marshall, Patton, and MacArthur are.

As everyone knows, he has received numerous nicknames  -most notably “Warrior Monk” and “Mad Dog”- and made a number of unforgettable statements that will likely be quoted by service members in the future.

According to the Pentagon Press Secretary Dana White, the implementation plans of the new rule will be provided in the next two months. He said that the Pentagon is taking these steps because they owe all-volunteer force full protection.

Apparently, the Pentagon decided to release the 23-page set of new guidelines as a response to the controversial leak of female service members’ nude pictures. This unpleasant situation happened last year, and it sparked a huge debate about harassment in the military.

This nude photo leak scandal revealed that some current and former Marine Corps members were sharing nude pictures of some of their female colleagues on social media. Naturally, they made these controversial publications without the consent of those women.

After that incident, the Navy began an investigation, and the Corps’ commander vowed to hold those members at fault responsible. However, a former Marine named Erin Kirk-Cuomo told British outlet BBC that she reported the posts to no avail.

Given this whole situation, many believe that the Pentagon was forced to make a move in order to provide a good image to the public.