PUBLISHED: 6:21 PM 9 Feb 2017

Join The Pro-Trump Boycott: The Company That Sold Out To Soros, Now Spreading Hate For A Profit


People are boycotting Netflix over their new racist show

George Soros has been busy. There have been so many chances for him to use his money to further spread hate and anti-Trump rhetoric, it is a wonder that he isn’t broke yet.

He helped Hillary finance her campaign and then he threw money at the worthless recount efforts. He has also been discovered to be the source of many of the anti-Trump protests taking place. He is certainly not above using violence to get what he wants.

It seems that whenever he sees an opportunity to support a cause against Trump and America in general, he leaps at the opportunity and doesn’t care what the consequences are.

His newest ventures involve some major companies, it appears he might be attempting to use that influence to further his hate movement.

One company he has recently invested heavily in is Amazon. Soros increased his stake in Amazon in the third quarter by a remarkable 215.15%. He now owns $33.08 million worth of shares. This is still only a small percentage of his mass holdings but it is significant in the access it gives him to the American public.

Recently Amazon has been in the news for their moves towards robotic employees rather than human. Amazon currently employs around 300,000 people, an important statistic given the current economic problems of America. What happens to the job market as humans become obsolete and robots take over?

It seems a company that size would want to continue giving jobs to its consumers. Perhaps Soros is having a negative impact on them already?


What is he planning next?

Soros’ other recent investment includes media giant Netflix. Again, in the third quarter, he added $13.05 million shares worth of the company to his portfolio.

He arrived at a convenient time for the company; they were suffering financially according to their second quarter reports. Slow domestic and international subscriber growth was a contributing factor. There were fears from investors that the company could not keep up with rising brands such as Amazon and Hulu.

Analysts suggested that Netflix should focus on their original content, something that they do very well. This of course would come with increased spending. That, combined with the decreasing subscription growth, became a turn-off for many investors. Not George Soros though.

He invested in a big way and it seems to be paying off for both him and the company. In fact, Netflix is releasing a new original series called “Dear White People.”

We refuse to believe that the timing of George Soros’ large investment and the release of a show that is so obviously anti-white are unrelated. As one article declares, “Netflix’s New Series ‘Dear White People’ Is a Big F U to All White People.”

The series is based on the 2014 movie with the same name. Netflix has released a teaser trailer, describing the series as a “satirical look at post racial America following the experiences of black students at a predominantly white Ivy League college.

It is an interesting side not that MTV released a YouTube video late last year called, “Dear White Guys.” The short clip was full of racially charged accusations against white people, inferring that the majority are racist.

The teaser for Netflix’s new show is not much better. The 30-second trailer features the show’s star Logan Browning as Ivy League student and radio host Samantha White.

She is describing the list of “acceptable” Halloween costumes for white students on her show Dear White People.

Her racist list of acceptable costumes includes “pirate, slutty nurse and any of our first 43 presidents.”  Then she announces the “top of the list” of unacceptable costumes: “me.” This includes images of students dressed in blackface appear on the screen.

The left would like you to believe that racism towards white people doesn’t exist, that it can’t exist. Trying to be objective, it is difficult to see this type of propaganda as anything but blatant racism.

If you can’t help but wonder the kind of outrage a show called “Dear Black People” would cause, you aren’t alone. How about “Dear Muslim People?”  It is easy to imagine the cries of the mobs as they gather to protest.

Nobody seems to be batting an eye at Netflix’s offering. George Soros has financed a winner here, and in today’s racially charged climate, his projects go forward with few protests.

This man and his agenda are nothing but poison. He hates Donald Trump, hates “racist” white people, and without a doubt hates America.

As President Trump’s popularity grows, people like George Soros need to be held accountable for their actions. What is the point of battling for racial equality only to take that and use it to push the scale so far in the opposite direction you end up with a new race being oppressed?

If Soros is so unhappy with this country and the direction President Trump is taking it, I would love to suggest some alternatives for where he can take himself and all his money.