Meghan McCain Lashes Out

PUBLISHED: 10:27 PM 13 Mar 2018

John McCain’s Daughter Calls Clintons “A Virus In The Democratic Party”

She also stated that Hillary should find a better excuse for losing than blaming women.

Sen. John McCain’s Daughter Calls Clintons “A Virus In The Democratic Party”

Many people feel that the Clinton family has been a plague on America ever since lying, cheating Bill Clinton was elected. On Tuesday, Meghan McCain, daughter of Republican Sen. John McCain, joined that group.

On a recent episode of the ‘The View’, McCain called the Clinton’s “a virus” after the former secretary of state ripped the Trump campaign and women in America during a speaking engagement in Mumbai, India over the weekend.

Hillary Clinton blamed the Trump campaign for “looking backwards,” saying that is why President Donald Trump won.

Clinton went on to argue that racism and sexism played a role in Trump beating her in the 2016 presidential election. In fact, she claims they are the sole reasons she lost.

When in reality, it was Hillary’s failure to protect our troops in Benghazi, and her failure to properly handle sensitive top-secret intel pertaining to national security. Why can’t she get that through her dense skull?

McCain’s criticism comes on the heels of Clinton’s trip to India, where Clinton told the audience that white men likely pressured their wives to vote for Trump over Clinton in a pathetic effort to justify her defeat.

However, the co-host of ‘The View’ called out the former Democratic presidential nominee for continuing to come up with excuses about why she lost.

“Honestly, I have to tell you. It’s one thing to lose to President Obama. It’s an entirely other thing to pull off losing to President Trump. And you gotta come up with a better excuse than this,” McCain asserted.

The Republican Senator’s daughter also warned Clinton that she may want to clean up her act before the 2018 midterm elections or she may cost the party some seats, as blaming racism and sexism are getting old.

McCain scolded Clinton for insulating that white men control their wives as if we are living in the 1900’s again. She even went as far to remind Clinton how archaic her ideology is.

“If your messaging is that you want to go back in time, that women can’t think for themselves, that our husbands, bosses, and sons tell us what to do, that’s quite the message going forward into midterms and [the] general election,” she insisted.

She is correct. How dare Clinton try to assert that women cannot think for themselves in 2018 and hold their own political opinions?

McCain really let the world know how she felt when addressed the Democratic Party directly and said, “The Clinton’s are a virus in the Democratic Party. You have to move on.”

Yes! The democrats and Clinton both need to move on and quick playing the blame game. After all, it is not healthy for Clinton to keep reliving the past.

Over the past year, Clinton has blamed everyone from former FBI Director James Comey to Russian President Vladimir Putin for her humiliating loss to Trump.

At one point, Clinton even argued that if Comey had not made the announcement that he was reviving the probe into her unlawful use of a private email server to send classified material, she would be president instead of Trump.

However, she fails to realize that if she had never abused her power as secretary of state to use a private email server to send sensitive material, sell Uranium to Russia, or lie so abominably, he would have never made that announcement.

But why can’t Clinton and the rest of the democrats realize that and move on? Conservatives suffered through eight years of an Obama administration, why can’t the democrats extend them the same courtesy?

Did anyone launch witch-hunts against Obama when he was elected? Did Fox News or republicans blame Russia or social media? The answer is NO!

While Clinton’s email scandal did not help her, Comey’s announcement is not to blame for her loss.

When Americans headed out the voting booths, they knew the Clintons’ dark history and they wanted to make sure they kept the Clinton’s as far away from the White House as possible.

Back in 2011, Clinton said that one can’t keep snakes in your backyard and only expect them to bite your neighbor.

Exactly! So, why would Clinton continue to support Islam and advocate for visas for terrorists?

Hillary Clinton is nothing more than an opportunist and everyone knows it. And that is why she lost to President Trump, plain and simple. She campaigns against big banks, but then accepts millions from them for speaking engagements.

The only thing the Clinton’s represent is themselves. Trump is for America. And that is why he is president.

Are the Clintons just a virus to America? Who’s right?