“Joe, You Suck!”

PUBLISHED: 3:36 PM 30 Sep 2021

“Joe, You Suck!” Biden Booed at Congressional Baseball Game

Hmmm… even in a land where liberals are the ‘majority,’ Joe is hated.

True... but Joe is the least of our problems... he's a shell. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Where are those 81 million, Joe? Even giving out ice cream didn’t work… and consider that this is where a large majority of ‘liberals’ live…

The Gateway Pundit reported:

Joe Biden was booed loudly Wednesday night as he took the field at the annual Congressional baseball game.

You can hear the boos and one person screaming, “Joe you suck!”

Of course, the elites were not wearing masks, including Joe Biden, in the Democrat dugout.

The man who got 81 million votes certainly is having popularity issues.

Biden and Pelosi both get booed…