Kooky Kennedy

PUBLISHED: 10:32 PM 18 Jul 2018
UPDATED: 10:33 PM 18 Jul 2018

Joe Kennedy Issues Absurd Demand

Joe Kennedy demanded that either Donald Trump testify in front of Congress, or his translator would be subpoenaed.

Joe Kennedy III wants to know what Donald Trump said to Vladimir Putin, even if he has to trample long-held executive rights to do so.

The political left cannot seem to let the meeting between Vladimir Putin and President Donald Trump go. First, they declared that it was treasonous, and that it showed that President Trump was Putin’s puppet. Then they claimed that it was terrible that a sitting president dared to point out that American’s ‘intelligence’ agencies, like the Central Intelligence Agency and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, have questionable records.

Now, Joe Kennedy III, a Democrat Representative from Massachusetts and scion of the ‘famous’ Camelot line is taking the complaints to a new low. He’s demanding that Donald Trump’s interpreter from his closed-door meeting with Putin testify in front of Congress regarding the nature of the conversation he translated, unless Trump tells all. It sounds like Chapstick Boy is slowly losing his mind.

Kennedy III demanded that the White House publicly recount what happened during the private conversation between the two.

However, if the White House does not decide to give the congressman what he wants, he believes that Congress should bring the president’s translator out, under subpoena or threat of subpoena if necessary, to testify about the conversation, according to Kennedy’s recent interview on CNN.

To be entirely fair, Kennedy admitted that the proposal is a complex one, both legally and politically speaking, and that the concept of privilege, specifically executive privilege, could complicate his demand.

He said, however, that he didn’t believe it would “get that far.”

Mr. Kennedy claims to be worried that, without an account from an American source, the only written account of the encounter will be the Russian account.

Kennedy went on to claim that at this point, in his opinion, the American president simply has no credibility with him.

He continued on to say that the meeting is a ‘national security issue,’ a favorite excuse for politicians who make ridiculous demands or do ridiculous things, and that he wants to know what the President agreed to in the conversation with Putin.

He ‘refused’ to call the meeting, or the comments, treasonous, and said he would prefer to leave that up to constitutional scholars, who have almost universally agreed that no, it’s not treasonous in any way, shape or form.

Joe Kennedy also claimed that Republicans were more interested in impeaching Rod Rosenstein for his failures to comply with demands for information than they were in “oversight” of president Donald J. Trump and his meeting with Russia.

It certainly seems that the Kennedy line, which produced three individuals who could have been president and one who actually managed to hold that title, however shortly (or poorly managed) his term was, has fallen apart, if Joe Kennedy III is the best they can offer.

He certainly doesn’t seem to understand the role of the president. Among other things, his role is to act as a singular representative for the nation when communicating with the presidents, prime ministers, and other assorted rulers of foreign nations.

So, when Donald Trump met with Putin in Helsinki, he was perfectly performing the role for which he was elected.

At this point, little to nothing is known about his first summit with the Russian leader. However, there’s no indication that he gave away the proverbial farm, which is more than can be said of Barack Obama’s policy concerning Russia.

When he first was elected president, and he appointed Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to be Secretary of State as a consolation prize after her loss to him in the primary, Obama was very interested in doing whatever Russia wanted in hopes of pushing his nuclear disarmament agenda.

The ‘Russian reset’ made it much simpler for Russia to take over Crimea, incidentally.

Then there was the time when Obama met with Dmitry Medvedev, and told him that after the election, he would have much more leeway to act on various parts of his foreign policy plans. That certainly doesn’t sound like taking a ‘strong stance’ against Russia.

Furthermore, the idea that translators could be compelled to testify about the things they translated is an absurd one.

The legal concept of executive privilege, which Bill Clinton utilized to compel United States Secret Service agents NOT to testify against him during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, is an important one. Similarly, translators offer important services to the nation, and they should not be forced to risk their jobs (and the general trustworthiness of the profession in general) so cheaply.

If Joe Kennedy wants to know what they talked about, he could always ask (not demand) the president, instead of grandstanding.

Or he can attempt to undermine the entire concept of executive privilege so he can score petty political points with leftists who would probably simply vote for him based on his last name.