Biden’s Niece Thief

PUBLISHED: 4:07 AM 27 Jan 2018

Joe Biden’s Niece Pleads Guilty For $110,000 Theft, No Jail Time Given

She stole the victim’s credit card and went on a shopping spree.

Creepy Uncle Joe actually came in handy as his niece was 'forgiven' over $100,000 theft.

After pleading guilty to stealing a credit card she claimed was borrowed, former Vice President Joe Biden’s niece has paid back more than $100,000 in court-ordered restitution.

In June 2017, Caroline Biden agreed to pay back $110,810.04 that she racked up on a credit card she claimed she had permission to use in exchange for pleading guilty to grand larceny in New York City’s Manhattan Supreme Court.

Because of her name stature and who she is related to, the 30-year-old avoided jail time and was only sentenced to two years’ probation.

The court only required Biden to stay out of trouble and to agree to pay back the money to the court in exchange for avoiding jail time.

Biden claims she borrowed her friend’s credit card in 2015 to buy an item for $672 at the high-end fashion store Bigelow Apothecaries on Sixth Avenue.

But Biden had much more in mind, where she went on a shopping spree and racked up a total of $110,810.04 in purchases on her friend’s credit card.

Shocking to no one, she didn’t have permission to spend more than one-hundred thousand dollars and the police arrested Biden in May 2017.

She was charged with grand and petit larceny, and it has been suggested by Breitbart and other publications that the former vice president played a big role in swaying the court to allow her leniency.

In addition to completely avoiding jail time — which she definitely deserved — the court also agreed to drop the grand larceny charge against Biden and allowed her to submit another plea to a lesser charge of petit larceny if she agreed to complete 10 days of community service.

After her community service is completed, then her two years’ of probation will begin.

So the niece of the former vice president, who reportedly has a history of alcohol and substance abuse, was able to skirt serious jail time because of her political connections.

More importantly, who paid the $110,000 in just a few years? Did Uncle Joe pay off her debt and use his power to sway a court ruling to protect his niece?

This perfectly encapsulates the corrupt system that the American people are sick and tired of, and many would agree she deserved to go to prison for her crime.

Source: Breitbart