Dems Slam Report

PUBLISHED: 9:55 PM 6 Jul 2018

Jobs Numbers Soar, Democrats Sour

They found something to complain about even as the jobs report revealed new heights of employment.

As jobs numbers seem to be continuing to trend upwards, the democrat party is still working to find something, anything, to complain about when it comes to employment, calling Trump's job policies 'reckless.'

President Donald Trump, whatever other failings he may have, has done a fantastic job with the American economy. It has grown by leaps and bounds since he took office, and frankly, it seems like the fear that many corporations had when Barack Obama was in charge has mostly dissipated under the leadership of a man who is obviously pro-capitalism, which is the only system that supports true equality.

Indeed, this month President Trump set his 10th record for employment in the United States, with a record number of people employed. Even so, Democrats didn’t feel that there was anything to celebrate in the jobs report, and instead maligned Donald J. Trump for a ‘reckless’ job agenda in their response to the positive news.

On Friday, the Labor Department’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) released the newest information on the American economy and its growth. According to their numbers, the United States added 213,000 jobs in the month of June, which is a strong number.

The United States boasted 155,576,000 citizens employed, setting the tenth record for employment under the President.

Perhaps most interestingly, the BLS pointed out that the numbers they boasted in May and April, which were already very positive and high, had to be revised once again. Unlike during the Obama years, however, the numbers needed to be revised upward, as the jobs added to the economy during those two months were actually higher than originally calculated by 37,000 jobs.

This represents a stark contrast to the way that former President Obama’s job numbers continuously were revised downward.

However, the Democrat Party, ever-complaining about things that Donald Trump does no matter how good they may be for the nation, saw reason to complain about the new job numbers and the jobs report in general.

According to Democrat Nancy Pelosi, the House Minority Leader and Congresswoman from California, there is no reason to celebrate.

In a tweet, she proclaimed that the June jobs report shows “what is at stake” if Republicans win in 2018.

She seems to be suggesting that a great economy with upward mobility and increasing average wages is a bad thing.

The Democrat Party also released a statement, which DNC chair and former Labor Secretary Tom Perez suggested represented his party’s stance on the topic.

The statement complains of low wage growth, rising health care premiums, and rising gas prices around the country.

However, it doesn’t take into account the fact that the left’s policies are directly responsible for those complaints (especially rising gas prices).

Perez, ever the leftist, also finds time and space in the statement to complain about the Janus ruling. Apparently, the left thinks that forcing people who don’t want to join a public-sector union to pay their money for the union’s politicized speech is somehow ‘fighting for worker’s rights.’

The second paragraph of his statement continues to complain about the ‘republican playbook’ of cutting taxes and ‘denying worker’s rights’ to be forced into paying for political speech they don’t agree with.

Frankly, the entire statement reads less like a political take on what’s going on with the economy, which is adding jobs and seeing near-record lows in unemployment for minorities (the people the DNC claims to care about the most), and more like a love letter to AFL-CIO and SEIU, as well as public unions like the various teachers’ unions that spent millions supporting leftist politicians.

Perez, in his rant, conveniently ignores a few things, however.

Firstly, the reason that the wealthy are most impacted by taxes on income is because they make the most, and most importantly, they pay the most in taxes. A three percent tax cut for someone who makes $12,000 a year and receives government aide amounts to nothing; they’re likely getting far more in government disbursement than they paid into the system.

A three percent tax cut for someone who makes millions a year while running a large, international business, on the other hand, amounts to a fair amount of money.

Secondly, workers still have their rights. In fact, one could easily argue that they have more rights after the Janus ruling than they did before.

Prior to what is sure to be one of, if not the most hated United States Supreme Court rulings of the last session (and Anthony Kennedy’s time on SCOTUS), public sector workers didn’t have a choice.

If they worked a unionized job, such as teaching, they could ‘opt out’ of paying union dues toward blatantly political speech, like rallies for particular candidates.

However, they had to pay what states often called ‘fair share’ for the union that ‘bargained’ contracts on their behalf.

Unions used this money to set up often partisan rallies and to support political candidates (and parties) that promised to throw more money at public sector employees.

Coincidentally, such people just happened to generally be democrats.

In other words, they were still spending money, compelled by a local or state government as a condition of employment, to support union and left-wing political speech.

For the first time in years, public sector employees have the right to not be forced to support unions and their political speech.

There is one good thing about the DNC’s statement, however. It showcases, plainly, that they would rather spitefully condemn President Trump than celebrate more jobs and wage growth.