Fact-Check Failure

PUBLISHED: 7:31 PM 11 Oct 2018

Jim Acosta’s Fact Check Fact-Checked, Rated False

Acosta attempted to fact-check a tweet by the President, but it seems like he failed to do his due diligence.

When Jim Acosta's fact-check was, itself, fact-checked, the results were not pretty for the CNN 'star.'

Since President Donald Trump took office and even during the campaign prior, it has appeared that leftists in the media have taken great joy in inspecting every statement he has made while applying the least forgiving standards in doing so. It should surprise no one, then, that on Wednesday, Jim Acosta of CNN ‘fact checked’ yet another Trump statement.

In a response tweet to a guest column that USA Today published, which was written by President Trump, Jim Acosta declared that even the president’s tweet promoting the column contained two falsehoods. Fact-checkers, however, disagreed with Mr. Acosta and his proclamation. CNN’s ‘star’ White House correspondent, Acosta, was publicly shamed when his ‘fact-check’ tweet was fact-checked and discovered to be inaccurate. How many lies is CNN up to at this point, especially concerning the president and his administration?

Last night, CNN’s consistently grandstanding ‘chief’ White House correspondent declared that the column written by the president may “break the record” for the number of falsehoods from a president in a published opinion-editorial piece.

He also derided the publication and seemed to be disappointed in the failure to ‘fact-check’ the article to his liking.

In his tweet, he claimed that the portions about outlawing “private health care plans” and “letting anyone across the border” were outright falsehoods, according to his rigorous fact-check standards.

However, when others checked Acosta’s ‘fact check,’ it turned out fairly disappointing for the CNN employee.

The first source of contention that he had identified was the statement about how the democrat “Medicare-for-all” scheme would essentially eliminate private and employer-based health insurance plans.

He also mentioned that the plan would cost $32.6 trillion (no, that is not a typo) dollars over 10 years, in addition to current government spending, not including the costs to set up new agencies, equipment, and other government infrastructure to support the scheme.

While Acosta declared that this statement was false, Washington Examiner editor Philip Klein pointed out that, in fact, leftist icon Bernie Sanders’ plan called for just that.

According to Klein, Section 107 of his Medicare for All Act would have mandated that it would be “unlawful for a private health insurer to sell health insurance coverage” that “duplicated” benefits provided under the act.

In other words, private plans would not be an acceptable choice in the ‘democratic socialist’ world. Private insurance would be relegated to offering ‘supplemental’ coverage.

That would be the case whether those private plans were purchased personally or via an employer-based plan.

This is stated in the plan Senator Sanders put forward which is hosted on his own political website in sections 107(a)(1) and 107(a)(2).

That bill can be found here.

As for the portion of Donald J. Trump’s tweet where he suggested that democrats were in favor of letting anybody across the border, it correlates to his op-ed where he declared that they were the party of “open-borders socialism.”

It’s also hard to argue against the points that he made.

Leftists in government outright declared that they wanted to undermine the Border Patrol agents and the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

Even during the Barack Obama years, the left showed that they didn’t have any interest in enforcing immigration laws.

The ‘Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals’ program pushed forward by Obama using executive action not only undermined immigration law, it undermined constitutional limits on his power.

Democrats have, in the past, repeatedly sought amnesty for illegal aliens in the United States. They have often offered to increase border security or build an effective border wall in exchange.

Such a wall has only recently begun construction.

There’s a reason why democrats are commonly known for being the ‘open borders’ party in the United States and why they have been called such for quite some time, after all.

Jim Acosta may have been in a hurry to portray President Trump, who he has often railed against, insulted, and otherwise denigrated, as wrong or dishonest.

However, it seems that his own fact-checking managed to achieve ‘pants-on-fire’ levels of dishonesty.

Perhaps most interesting is that Acosta, who has repeatedly complained that President Trump attacked the media, would decide to attack a fellow member of the media.

His failed and lazy ‘attempt’ at ‘fact-checking’ the words of President Donald J. Trump does, however, raise an interesting point about fact-checking in general.

The media decides who to fact-check.

They decide what quotes to look into.

The generally leftist mainstream media even has leeway when it comes to how generous they will be in their ‘rulings’ on ‘truthfulness,’ as many conservatives can attest to from biased censorship seen firsthand.

Acosta failed to be impartial or to utilize fact in his claim. How many similar cases have occurred recently, and how often has politics influenced such ‘fact checking’ in the past?

Frankly, it is almost impossible to tell. However, this provided yet another example of explicit media bias against President Donald Trump and republican ideals in general.