Green Party Scam

PUBLISHED: 5:04 PM 8 Jun 2018

Jill Stein’s Recount Hoax Involved $7 Million

She got people to donate to her after Hillary lost, but that money has somehow been siphoned away.

Jill Stein (center) has all kinds of new friends with $7 million dollars to hand out like Tic Tacs.

The 2016 election cycle was quite odd, and not just because a talented businessman emerged against a corrupt establishment to take the White House. Gary Johnson, a rather stable Libertarian candidate in 2012, became a Bernie Sanders (I-VT) parrot and crashed on the campaign trail. As it turns out, leftist darling, Jill Stein also had a few clever ways to lose her credibility, too, by scamming gullible liberals, as Town Hall revealed today.

In 2016, this Green Party candidate began raising money for a recount against President Donald Trump. She scooped in more money for this ruse than she did for her whole campaign, about $7 million dollars. Two years later, she is still spending that capital on her staff “because they’re continuing the recount initiative.” This is a scam job far greater than most of the instances of fraud that the left claims to oppose. What possible excuse could there be for this?

So, it seems that if a person cannot be president, collecting money to pay for an unneeded recount is easy work that pays well. It’s a nice gig if someone else is paying for it, and Stein has found the golden goose by playing liberals on their baseless hatred of Mr. Trump.

Sure, the failed candidate promised that there would be a vote on how to spend any remaining funds, but that has not happened. She is going to spend until there are no remaining funds, even almost two years into Trump’s four-year term. Instead, the $7 million has been spent to pay people to twiddle away at numbers that already show that Mr. Trump won fairly.

Metro Wisconsin, where Clinton did well, uses paper; rural Wisconsin, where she collapsed like everywhere, is electronic,” tweeted Nate Cohn from the New York Times. This is a foolish notion in this particular case because Trump took Michigan, so taking Wisconsin is not that strange.

Just the same, the Daily Beast wrote, “Ongoing litigation, travel costs, and staff salaries are also likely to eat up whatever is left, meaning those who donated to Stein are unlikely to receive a once-promised chance to vote on how the post-recount money would be spent. Nor have donors been given much of a window into how Stein is actually spending their donations.

Imagine the outrage if Mr.Trump had lost and pulled such a stunt.

The media would laugh him to scorn. He would be mocked, insulted, and his image would be that of a greedy loser with a mouth full of sour grapes.

On April, 20, Stein reported that the money was diminished to $932,178 and there has been no update since. “It is strange that they would just stop filing reports given they were a legitimate, professional campaign, and despite still having more than a million dollars in cash on hand,” observed Andrew Mayersohn, a researcher from the Center for Responsive Politics.

It has also been revealed in a follow-up story that “Jill Stein’s presidential campaign continues to spend heavily on everything from staff salaries to attorney fees.” She has managed to waste “$365,000 since the end of September 2017. As of April 30, 2018, her campaign had just over $761,000 in cash on hand.”

At this point, it is interesting to note one strange thing about liberals. They know that Mr. Trump won the election fairly, but it means more to smear him under the notion that he did not, than it does to vote to spend the remaining money wisely. For example, how many green’s have bleeding hearts for every cause in the world? A vote to give even $1 million to such a cause would have been embraced, it would be thought.

Instead, the money is being wasted paying the rich 1% lawyers who the left claims to hate.

By not reporting since early Spring, Stein may have broken the law, as well. “The delay in our latest filing is due to the fact that we have had to revise our reports as a routine part of the audit process that automatically follows the use of clean money public campaign finance matching funds,” the campaign claims in regards to this accusation.

The new recount manager got “almost $8,000; 19 months after the 2016 election” so he is certainly in a position to say almost anything.

If the law is not being broken, the spirit of the law clearly is. All of this is not done to prove that Mr. Trump lied or cheated, but to pad easy jobs for those close to Stein, keep her name alive for 2020, and to smear the White House.

In other words, free money to do nothing… a liberal calling card.