US Pogroms Begin?

PUBLISHED: 1:00 PM 21 May 2021
UPDATED: 4:03 PM 21 May 2021

Jews Attacked In NYC: Pogroms Begin From East To West By U.S. Palestinian Terrorists, Jewish Man Arrested

Are people really so ignorant that they don’t see what’s happening?! The Enemy knows who his enemy is!

1930's Germany revived... this is an ancient evil. (Source: YouTube Screenshot)

In the United States, where a mere 80 years ago, our grandfathers died to stop insane Jewish annihilation, anti-Jewish hate has revived… and politicians are doing nothing. Of course, no need to worry, one Jewish man was arrested.

The Gateway Pundit reported:

There was another attack on Jews in New York City on Wednesday.
Palestinian supporters are seen attacking a small group of Jewish men on Manhattan’s East Side.

This is becoming more commonplace in American society today.
These ARE NOT conservatives or “white supremacists” behind these attacks. These are leftists and Muslims.

One man was arrested who was earlier carrying an Israeli flag.

The attacks on Jews are increasing.

Defcon News added:

Isn’t there already enough ethnic battling going on in America that we don’t need the hate between the Palestinians and the Jews to be demonstrated on our streets?

The incident took place outside of a sushi restaurant as a pro-Palestinian caravan passed.

One man said members of the caravan were waving Palestinian flags and shouted anti-Semitic slurs and then attacked them.

CBS-L.A. also reports that the pro-Palestinian group went into Beverly Hills looking for Jewish homes to attack and tried to chase down an orthodox Jewish man in their cars.

Is this not ethnic discrimination, racism playing out in America with Whites—Christians and Jews—feeling the brunt of the hatred? Where will this lead? What is becoming of our great nation?