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PUBLISHED: 7:42 PM 14 May 2018

Jerusalem Soccer Team Changes Name For Message

The team is the most prominent symbol of the city.

A Jerusalem soccer team changed its name in honor of President Trump's victories for Israel.

Angry democrats have led many to believe that the rest of the world has a searing hatred for President Donald Trump. While this should naturally apply to enemies of the United States such as ISIS and until recently, North Korea, for the most part, this can absolutely be called fake news.

In the most recent illustration against this lie and in an undeniably bold move, a notable soccer team and ‘symbol’ of Jerusalem recently adopted a new title which rightfully honors President Trump for successfully making Jerusalem Israel’s capital.

Formerly called Beitar Jerusalem, the country’s famous and largest soccer team will now be referred to as Beitar Trump Jerusalem, as announced on Sunday.

Of no coincidence, this follows President Trump’s move to “formally recogniz[e] Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.”

On its Facebook page, Beitar Trump Jerusalem claimed that Jerusalem had been waiting over 70 years to be internationally recognized. It continued that “President Trump has shown courage and true love of the Israeli people and their capital, and these days other countries are following his lead in giving Jerusalem its rightful status.”

This is a clear example of the prominent leadership that President Trump has already displayed during his time in office. Of course, the left has been quick to write off his successes as overly political moves which promote sexism, racism, and other hatreds.

Some liberals are claiming the irony in President Trump once “wag[ing] war with American professional football” and now being personally recognized in a foreign country. However, the infamous kneeling phenomenon in the NFL was merely a response instigated by intolerant liberals and was in no way the president’s fault.

Thankfully, the majority of Jerusalem’s citizens are in full support of President Trump.

On behalf of the soccer team considered “one of the most prominent symbols of the city,” President Trump is being honored as the ‘American president who made history,’ according to the soccer team’s owner, Eli Tabib and manager Eli Ohana.

For this, the soccer team determined it will praise Trump in its name going forward.

“We have the greatest love for the president, and it will win!” the club continued.

Unfortunately, in demonstrating their love and support for President Trump, Beitar Trump Jerusalem is unsurprisingly being met with liberal hate and judgment.

Some are claiming that the team has anti-Arab and anti-Muslim prejudices because it has “never…signed as Arab Muslim player.” However, the team previously had a Muslim player on the team, nullifying the ridiculous argument proposed for years.

It was not the team itself which was prejudice, but rather its extremist fans.

However, Beitar Trump Jerusalem is anything but racist. In early 2018, the team revealed a plan to combat any associated prejudice. It will no longer accommodate the radical group ‘La Familia’ on the basis that 19 of its members were recently “charged with attempted murder, including of rival supporters.”

Regardless of criticism, the team will go forward in adopting the new name, and its timing could not be more perfect as the recent announcement was released “just a day before the United States is expected to officially open its new Israeli embassy having moved it from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.”

Adviser Ivanka Trump and Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin were both in attendance among others from Washington and “all over the world.”

The name change is said to be “in honor of the occasion.”

President Trump has yet to respond to the soccer team’s announcement, surely due to the prominence of the embassy opening Monday morning.

However, he has tweeted several congratulatory messages to Jerusalem for the big event.

On a global scale, Jerusalem’s support for President Trump is significantly assuring. However, it is undeniably disturbing that many in a country 6,000 miles away are more respectful of the commander in chief than the United States’ own citizens are.

Yet that appears to be a commonality between the Jerusalem soccer team and President Trump: they have both been attacked on the basis of xenophobic claims in their attempts to unify opposing groups.

Considering that hate groups associated with the Beitar Trump Jerusalem are right-wing, yet unfortunately, extremists, the recent tie to president Trump may prove to keep these organizations from attempting future attacks.

In any case, the team’s new name is a beautiful example of giving credit where it is duly deserved.

In the United States, the anti-Trump rhetoric has gained popularity among various overly vocal groups on the left, giving many the impression that President Trump is hated on a global scale and making many conservatives reluctant to express their views.

The recent re-naming of now-titled Beitar Trump Jerusalem celebrates several major victories: most importantly for Jerusalem itself, but also for global relations, free speech, U.S. President Trump, and the conservative movement.