PUBLISHED: 6:40 PM 12 Jul 2017
UPDATED: 8:33 PM 12 Jul 2017

Ivy League Professor: Protection Of 2nd Amendment Responsible For Violence

According To A Stanford Professor, Concealed Carry Permits Are Responsible For The Rise In Violence.

According To A Stanford Professor, Concealed Carry Permits Are Responsible For The Rise In Violence.

According To A Stanford Professor, Concealed Carry Permits Are Responsible For The Rise In Violence.

The Constitution of the United States is literally called the “supreme law of the land.” As debuted by the Supremacy Clause, there is nothing higher that the federal document. As part of the Constitution, there are certain amendments that have been made, such as the Second Amendment.

Arguably the most fought over change, the Second Amendment allows citizens the right to purchase a gun if they so choose. However, liberals and Democrats are so anti-gun that they have done whatever they could to challenge this law.

They use the same tired arguments regarding guns, going on emotion rather than fact. If a law-abiding citizen wants to have a gun for their protection, they should be able to. Unfortunately, liberal professors are challenging that claim.

Stanford professor John Donahue, along with his research team, claim that states with “right to carry” (RTC) laws have higher rates of violent crime. These are the laws that deal with the concealed carry permits.

Just think of the irony here. States that give permits to people asking for concealed carry, and have no criminal history, have higher levels of violent crime. Have they stepped in Chicago or New York? These areas have some of the strictest gun laws in the country, and there are people shot every single weekend.

Concealed Carry Permits Are Given To Law-Abiding Citizens.

Concealed Carry Permits Are Given To Law-Abiding Citizens.

Newsweek reported on this claim. “[Donahue’s team] estimates that the adoption of RTC laws substantially elevates violent crime rates (excluding murder rates), but seems to have no impact on property crime.”

They also said, “States that adopted RTC laws have experienced an average 13 percent to 15 percent in violent crime in the 10 years after enacting those laws.” This literally makes no sense. Remember, concealed carry permits are not given to people with criminal records.

However, this research team claims that states giving concealed carry permits to people with absolutely no criminal records are seeing more crime because they can carry a gun. At this point, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) will make more sense than these researchers.

Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi, Minority Leader of the United States House of Representatives

Donahue and his team are defending their research though. How is that even possible? Fox News columnist John Lott has the answer. According to Lott, they are able to defend it due to specific picking of states that they are going to compare and contrast. In other words, they ignore the differences in crime where it’s spread out, versus where its basically in one area.

For example, Chicago is dominated by violent crime, but the researchers don’t use that city. Instead, they are using very few states that are actually used in the study, which means that it’s not that significant.

Lott wrote:

“No other study by an economist, criminologist, or law professor has claimed that US violent crime rose after right-to-carry laws were adopted. …This new study picks out just two to four states, and in many cases effectively just use Hawaii to compare with right-to-carry states. In the cases of Idaho and Minnesota, over 96 percent of the comparison is just with Hawaii. For Mississippi, Nebraska, and Utah, Hawaii counts for between 72 percent and 83 percent of the comparison.”

A basic statistic class will tell people that the results are skewed. If they are using just ONE state to compare with most of their targets, then it’s going to be inaccurate. If they really wanted accurate results, they would be using more states than just Hawaii. Not to mention that this is the first study of its kind is going to raise eyebrows.

Carrying A Gun Is A Constitutional Right

Carrying A Gun Is A Constitutional Right

Lott added, “The authors also rely on statistical tricks to come up with the claim that violent crime has gone up. These are issues that have long been pointed out, but that the authors choose to ignore.”

In other words, it’s just another attempt from liberals to try and get rid of the Second Amendment. They haven’t been shy about their attempts in the past. Hell, the state of New York wanted to have a new law passed saying anyone convicted of a misdemeanor would immediately lose their Second Amendment rights.

Thankfully, not all the states in the country are run by liberals. The Michigan House of Representatives passed a new sign of legislation that would allow residents to carry a gun, with no permit. So people in Michigan have the right to carry a gun even without the permit. Hopefully more states can learn from Michigan, instead of listening to biased and confusing “research.”