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PUBLISHED: 5:33 PM 26 Jan 2018

“It’s Up To The Democrats”: Trump Says $25 Billion Wall Buys DACA

Trump has demanded the wall, chain migration halt, and other points that democrats may not be willing to do.

President Trump is putting it all on the Democrats.

President Donald Trump is expected to announce his new immigration policy on Monday. A small preview establishes the president is willing to provide citizenship for the 1.8 million Dreamers. Giving citizenship for these dreamers, the president asks for $25 billion in funding for the wall.

The president has offered to grant citizenship status the 1.8 million most well-behaved dreamers. Coming back from the Schumer Shutdown followed by the Schumer Surrender, the 3.6 million criminal immigrants who live in America illegally protested in congressional buildings and blocking the entrance to Disneyland. The president has stated, “It is up to the Democrats,” to get the legislation enacted.

The aliens, who do not have a first amendment right to protest, blocked the entrance to the happiest place on earth, Wednesday, to declare Congress needed to pass a clean dream act. Congress has been unable to pass legislation on the issue. The legislatures found themselves so deadlocked, the government shut down for three days contesting the topic.

President Trump feels both republicans and democrats can come together under his proposal. Allowing for protection of the children who were brought to the country as minors and display excellence, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is set to expire in March.

The president has touted that due to the inefficiencies of Congress, he may have to take necessary actions to help the child who did not choose to live a life of crime. Instead of crafting another executive order to provide a band-aid for problems, the president is hoping to work with Congress to construct a new immigration policy for everyone.

Giving hardliners a stance on national security, the deal ascertains the funds for a border wall. Twenty-five billion dollars is the price the president wants for the southern defense. In exchange for not deporting the DACA recipients, the president feels everyone can agree no price is too high for the freedoms of these hard-working illegal immigrants.

During an informal briefing with the president, the commander in chief told media members to allay the message the dreamers are going to be ok. Admitting it’s up to the Democrats if they let it go through, but the upcoming proposal is going to be good news.

Recent reports indicate President Trump will accept half of the 3.6 million dreamers named under the proposed DREAM Act including the 800,000 DACA recipients under the executive order signed by President Obama. The president has denied two previous immigration proposals due to the weak stance on immigration policies.

One issue the president is seeing resistance is on the diversity lottery visa program. This allows for randomly selected people from terrorist filled nations to win a free life in America. The Awan brothers were all selected by the visa lottery program and have incited a national security investigation into congressional computer access.

Allowing terrorists from Pakistan to come in and earn a six-figure salary is one thing, but to then give them access to classified information working with elected officials is gross misconduct. The hesitation experienced by the president is completely understood when Republican legislatures began arguing for higher lottery admissions from failed states.

Another topic the Republican delegation conceded too soon was the issue of chain migration. Chain migration allows for new citizens to sponsor multiple people for citizenship who can sponsor more people for citizenship. A nonstop stream of a family of people is not the kind of immigration policy the administration would like to be remembered for.

The administration of the president has said on numerous occasions to support a merit-based immigration policy. Taking the stance the United States should let people who have shown interest and steps towards being an American priority, a merit-based policy would give points to foreigners with advanced skills or can speak English.

While Democrats believe they can win an election if they import another four million voters, the president, representing the citizens, knows what a flood of unskilled labor can do. Youth unemployment and urban unemployment are at a 20-year low. The president knows how to create jobs and instigate businesses to invest more in the workers.

With an idea of what is best not only for Americans but also for the dreamers, the president feels he will be able to negotiate from a place of strength and compassion to win the immigration debate. The plan will be announced on Monday. President Trump’s State of the Union is scheduled for Tuesday.