Dems Concede

PUBLISHED: 5:00 PM 19 Nov 2018

It’s Over! Democrats Concede In Florida Elections

Bill Nelson has conceded to Rick Scott, his republican challenger in the Florida senate race, and Andrew Gillum has conceded the governor’s race to Rick DeSantis.

Democrats have conceded the Florida Senate and Governor races.

After 12 days of recounts, surrounded by bitter accusations, ‘found’ ballots, and cries of election rigging, Democrat Senator Bill Nelson has conceded the Senate race to Rick Scott.

Likewise, the day before, Andrew Gillum, the scandal-plagued democrat who ran for Florida governor, conceded the race to republican challenger Ron DeSantis.

Scott had a 10,000-vote lead when the manual recount had been finished, according to the Florida Secretary of State.

“Now the campaign truly is behind us, and that’s where we need to leave it,” Scott said. “We must do what Americans have always done: come together for the good of our state and our country.”

The win marks major concessions by liberals, who poured millions into the swing state, hoping to oust GOP candidates.

President Trump tweeted his congratulations.

“From day one Rick Scott never wavered. He was a great Governor and will be even a greater Senator in representing the People of Florida. Congratulations to Rick on having waged such a courageous and successful campaign!”

Nelson had served three terms in the Senate, a total of 18 years.

He also tweeted his concession, “Well, things turned out a little differently than we had hoped, but I by no means feel defeated. That’s because I’ve had the privilege of serving the people of Florida for most of my life. It’s been a rewarding journey and a very humbling experience. No one could be more blessed.”

Two of Florida’s 67 counties, Broward and Palm Beach, which because of their liberal run shenanigans had been labeled “problem counties,” managed to meet deadlines… barely… by noon on Sunday.

However, it was close. Palm Beach County reportedly delivered their totals in with one second to spare.

Broward’s Canvassing Board capped off the accomplishment with “loud applause.”

Many people have expressed frustrations with Broward County Supervisor Brenda Snipes, and Snipes has since tenured her resignation.

The democrat official has been surrounded by incompetence and outright illegal behavior for the past two election cycles.

Many people feel relief that the nightmare in Florida is finally over.