PUBLISHED: 6:24 PM 3 Feb 2017

It’s Official: Trump Just Brought Back Words “Jesus” And “Merry Christmas”…So Long Snowflakes


Donald Trump is holding true to his word and saying the name of Jesus Christ boldly and without apology.

According to Hollywood, vampires will flee from an intended victim if garlic if present. In much the same way, if someone wants to see a liberal run from the building as if it were in the midst of a raging fire, calmly sit down and begin to talk about Jesus Christ.

This can be seen in the recent all-out freak from the Democrats in regards to president Donald Trump’s recent statements at the National Prayer Breakfast about the Johnson Amendment, more commonly known as “the separation of church and state.”

While the Constitution does declare that the government may endorse no religion, it makes no reference whatsoever about government’s role in allowing religion in public settings, a fact that the left has turned backward.


While Obama spoke the name of Jesus more than Bush (mostly in conversation), God, religion, and that follow have been under attack for simply being on display.

By Trump saying that “I will get rid of and totally destroy the Johnson Amendment and allow our representatives of faith to speak freely and without fear of retribution,” he is not saying as the left is implying that Trump wants to establish an official endorsement of any religion. He is saying, and rightly so, that anyone in government that wants to invoke the name of God, Jesus, or the mighty mice creatures on our moon of green cheese may do without being silenced or arrested.

The government is actually forbidden from doing what the Democrats and the Ruth Bater Ginsburg crowd is doing by eliminating Christmas, crosses, and the like from public view. Everyone has the right to deny any religion but no one has the right to stop others from putting up such a display of religion. All citizens are more than free to stroll by any display with no reverence given at any time.

This act on Trump’s behalf may lead many to want to see churches tax exempt status revoked if the Johnson Amendment is removed, which may sound like a fair idea considering what it means and the land that churches own on otherwise taxable land, but doing so will ruin much of the good that churches do for the poor. Every dollar stolen by the federal government in the form of taxes is a dollar that can not be used for food pantries, some kinds of marriage counseling, and more.

Most churches do not ask a person’s religion when help is given. As such, the tax exempt status should remain even if the Johnson Amendment goes extinct because they act as a charity, too. They are not just a house of worship in most instances.


Regardless of the Johnson Amendments fate, churches should remain tax exempt due to them feeding and helping with outreach services those in need for all religions or no religion.

If the Johnson Amendment did what Democrats want, pastors like the Rev. Jesse Jackson and the Rev. Al Sharpton would not be able to endorse and push candidates as they do. The only reason that the hypocritical, God-loathing left shows leniency towards such men is because they lean towards the socialist and anti-U.S. agenda of the Democrats, not because they are open in such matters. The left is diametrically opposed to any God since God comes before state and government to the people and this prevents the evil that they wish to bring into prominence.

Freedom of religion is a sacred right, but it is under serious threat,” correctly stated America’s president. This is more than obvious to anyone who has even been forced to go “holiday” shopping instead of “Christmas shopping.”

While not the most conducive leader in memory, George W. Bush was even attacked for saying the name Jesus Christ when he spoke, as if he is to be silenced in how he thanks the God who he felt had given him so very much. This is not what the Constitution is saying in any form, this is rather a reversing and opposite reading of the words.

While not the most conducive leader in recent memory, George W. Bush was even attacked for saying the name of  Jesus Christ when he spoke, as if he is to be silenced in how he thanks the God who he felt had given him so very much. This is not what the Constitution is saying in any form, this is rather a reversing and opposite reading of the words.

The left bends over backward atop hot rusty nails in bare feet to try and force Trump to allow radical Islamists who blend into regular Islamic travel to come into America, yet they are all but fainting over a possible attack upon the Johnson Amendment that takes people rights away.

It will not be long before we see things like “no go zones” where even U.S. law enforcement is barred from entering because sharia lawmen have taken over. Before this sentence is typed it may be that Ramadan gets a public Islamic display right in the middle of downtown Manhattan or Los Angeles perhaps as Christians are told to be “inclusive”; which is to say silenced.

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Some on the left do not even want crosses displayed in public or atop churches.

Donald Trump was given a mandate for a reason. The American people have never had a problem with Asian religions that have Chinatown in New York City full of happy fat Buddha’s or those from India having rows of innocents burning for this Hindu god or that one. Americans permit even (promote) atheists and Satanists as long as they harm no one, and they have no problem in most instances with Islam.

The difference is that it was not a cockpit full of Sikhs and swami’s that flew jets into the Twin Towers, who still chant for America’s death in the streets, who swear to kill Jews, and who blow up others in acts of horrible terror. Such a religion as Islam, even if only certain sects of it, need a bit closer scrutiny and Trump is only asking for 120 days.

As God is welcomed back into the public square for those that choose to praise Him, focus not on the uproar and whining of the left, for to do so is to miss the beauty that all of us have desired. Instead, watch over the next (hopefully 8) years as crimes go down and basic public decorum returns.

Not everyone will be religious in any way and that is fine too, but the very showing of it will encourage goodness just like the viewing of evil and the denial of God to even be spoken of or thanked in public settings encourages the evil that we see. Make sure that as this happens, those inclined to do so, thank God for Trump, because such thanking would not be legal for much longer if we had continued down the foul road that we were on.