Italian Candidate: No To Immigrants

PUBLISHED: 1:22 AM 23 Feb 2018

“Italy’s Donald Trump” Gets Tough, No To EU, Immigration, And George Soros

He has said that he will pull Italy out of the EU currency.

Anti-Soros sentiment appears to be growing, as the economic and cultural impact of the migrant crisis worsens.

Italy’s frontrunner in the next Prime Minister election has promised that if elected, George Soros will not set foot in the country anymore. “We must stop him,” Matteo Salvini proclaims.

Salvini describes Soros as dangerous and has brought attention to his $18 billion euro plan for mass invasion. Salvini’s motto, “Italy First,” has resonated with the people of Italy. There, many are concerned that the prior administration has placed the Eurocrats and immigrants before their own people. Does this sound familiar?

Salvini spoke in an emotionally charged television interview, during which he continued the anti-Brussels sentiment that is popular within his conservative League party. He claims that the European Union should stop the economic devastation that they have exacted over the past 15 years.

Salvini said, “Europe can go F*ck itself!”

He has also called out the EU Economic Affairs Commissioner for interfering in the Italian election process. Commissioner Moscovici believes that this election is the biggest political risk because of the uncertainty of the results.

Despite the efforts to subvert the Italian people, Mr. Salvini believes that Italy will take back its sovereignty on March 4, 2018. Salvini tweeted, “I can’t wait for Italy, with our government, to regain its sovereignty to defend the national interest in any way possible.”

This is reminiscent of the American presidential election with President Trump, who continues to be a maverick. The populist leader is bringing this same uncertainty to the Washington establishment.

Salvini stated, “All the television stations and commentators are against Trump… Maybe because on taxes, immigration, employment and healthcare he is keeping all the promises he made during his electoral campaign?”

“Go Donald go,” he says.

As more countries are economically oppressed, more populist figures will emerge among the growing patriotic movements. National sovereignty is the foundation of democratic rule, it is the only way to govern by the will of the people.

In equally shocking rhetoric, Salvini the Italian political hopeful pledges to deport half of a million illegal migrants if elected. He plans to repatriate 100,000 within his first year of power. “All of them need to be sent home,” said Salvini.

The usual accusations of xenophobia were met by the party leader with rational arguments against unchecked immigration. Salvini believes that the economic difficulty that millions of Italians are dealing with can foment racism, which can be prevented by controlling, regulating and limiting immigration.

Still, the logistical reality of removing migrants is a difficult process, one that is compounded by the fact that migrants with asylum application rejections often disappear onto the streets.

Cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti has compared the debates to the discriminatory race laws of Mussolini, which persecuted Italian Jews.

A spokeswoman for the League believes that Italians are more afraid of the consequences of uncontrolled immigration. She says, “If you let migrants into the country indiscriminately, then they have nothing to do, they are just thrown into reception camps and they have to rob homes and people. Refugees who are fleeing wars have the right to stay but not economic migrants.”

The actual economic burden and the civil unrest seems to be the primary motivation of Soros. Salvini’s wish to remove his influence and ban him from the country is a growing sentiment within the world’s political and economic debates.

George Soros is currently funding political unrest in the United States. He financially supports Black Lives Matter and the immigration defense projects of the Open Society Foundation. He is also likely behind the well-organized protests for gun control after the latest school shooting in Florida.

The Open Society Foundation groups did indeed receive a transfer of 18 billion dollars. What is even more frightening is that Soros is also believed to be funding more radical groups such as Antifa and Linda Sarsour. Sarsour is the anti-Semitic Islamic Supremacist, with suspected ties to Hamas.

Meanwhile, Hungary has attempted to remove Soros’ influence in the country, resulting in the same clash with the European Union leadership.

In a similar fashion as Italy’s Matteo Salvini, the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, has introduced an anti-immigration bill dubbed “Stop Soros.”

Salvini’s latest promise to remove Soros from Italy for good is a sign that the people of the world are waking up to political strife that these organizations are perpetuating. Soon it will be difficult to carry on a protest without the public knowing who exactly is funding these groups.

The more countries that elect leaders like Donald Trump, the more the truth will spread about the globalist agenda to interrupt freedom and national sovereignty.