Ship Denied Port

PUBLISHED: 4:39 PM 11 Jun 2018

Italian Ports Closed To Migrant Invader Ship

The ship is holding 629 invaders.

Salvini did not want 629 people staying for good. Does that make him a bad person?

The leftist media is praising, Spain and Malta after they “offered safe port to a rescue ship stranded in the Mediterranean with” 629 “migrants” onboard. “Matteo Salvini, the new Italian interior minister, reportedly refused to allow it to dock at Italian ports,according to Sky News, so he is being considered a racist.

Reports say the ship “had been left stranded with only one day’s supply of food” after what Salvini did, though much of the story seems to have been removed from its proper context. New laws about migration took effect in Italy. The country has had enough of the violence brought by Muslims and has said, “No more!” at the ballot box. These invaders will no longer be allowed to overrun laws and people in their caliphate.

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez instructed the vessel to dock at Valencia, while other sources say that Malta would be the landing ground. Perhaps the other question is why Spain, Malta, or someone else simply could not restock them at sea and send them merrily on their way?

Salvini wants to deport half a million migrants from Italy and the reason for his big win is that Islamic radicals are destroying the nation. Even though the majority of Muslims there are not a problem (a point that Salvini admitted himself), there is a large segment of that population which does create havoc.

Everyone in Europe is doing their own business, now Italy is also raising its head. STOP the business of illegal immigration,” the Italian leader tweeted without reservation.

The name of the unlucky ship was the Aquarius. Named after the “water bearer,” but it was almost out of both water and food. The humanitarian group UNHCR has claimed that this boat’s situation created an “urgent humanitarian imperative” and that “broader issues” needed looked at “later.”

“Ahah! Bingo!”

That is the reason for Salvini’s action, well hidden away from public view. It was not that Italy refused to help the people in need, but that there was no assurance that they would leave after the need was met. What law says leaders must help violent agitators invade their sovereign nation?

The United Nation‘s International Organisation for Migration has revealed that between “January and May this year, more than 22,500 migrants had reached European shores: 42% arrived in Italy from Libya and the remainder were divided between Greece, from Turkey (38%) and Spain, from Morocco (20%).”

In other words, so-called stranded people are arriving and not leaving by the literal boatload.

If the ship would have pledged to restock and move onward, it is doubtful that Salvini would have acted as he did. However, it is likely that he read the fine print and understood that once the Aquarius docked, 629 destitute people were never going to leave.

…and that is simply not what the people of Italy voted for.