PUBLISHED: 9:16 PM 25 Aug 2017

“It Was Amazing”: Angry Marine Goes Public With Dem Rep IT Aide, Threatens To Do More

The Marine Who Discovered Dem IT Rep's Electronics in his Home Breaks Silence

The Marine Who Discovered Dem IT Rep's Electronics in his Home Breaks Silence

The Marine Who Discovered Dem IT Rep’s Electronics in his Home Breaks Silence

A United States Marine has broken his silence and come forward with his intentions regarding Rep Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-FL) and the Awan Family Scandal. The marine has stated his desire to see these criminals locked up or at the very least investigated as they accused of breaking incredibly serious laws. The marine is most angered about Wasserman-Schultz’s recent statements saying that the only reason the Awans are being investigated and indicted are because they are Muslim. The marine, who votes Democrat, said that it is shameful to hide behind false accusations of Islamophobia while real discrimination exists.

Taggert, a marine who rented a home in Northern Virginia from Imran Awan, found a lot of hard drives and other high intelligence electronics when he moved into the home. The marine knew these had to be classified and extremely valuable so he did what any good solider would do and report the unusual findings to his authorities.

When the FBI came to seize the found electronics and evidence, Awan tried to gain entry to the house without knowing the FBI had already been there. Enraged, Awan went into a fit and threatened to sue the marine for theft but the marine stood his ground and did not budge.

Awan has been involved with the DNC for a long time

Awan has been involved with the DNC for a long time

The real story behind the Awans is being downplayed by Western Media outlets because their friends in the Democratic National Committee may be implicated in treason. The Awan family is a Pakistani national family that was given US classified access as well as access to Congress.

The extent of the damage is not yet known as countless Democrats from across the country have hired the Awan family to provide them IT services. However, they never did any of these services and had full access to sub-committees, committees, and military documents during their time in both DNC processes and State Department service.

The theory is that Imran Awan and his family were Pakistani spies that the DNC was using to blackmail their own party and gather dirt and evidence on Republicans. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz had her own intelligence community while being the head of the DNC.

The marine who turned in the evidence has expressed his desire to see these people put away. As a service member himself, Taggert is aware of the harsh penalties for those who would commit treason or relay information to a foreign state. Even though he voted for Hillary and does not like Trump of his conservative base, he believes that justice needs to be served.

It is incredibly powerful that a Democrat can cross his line to admit that if Trump jumped through all of the Russia hoops, then it is only fair to make the Democrats do the same. Taggert is aware that these people potentially committed treason by stealing state secrets to sell them to others, he wants action taken against these people.

This is a handy list to show who and how much was given to the Awan family over the years.

This is a handy list to show who gave to the Awan family over the years for their “services”.

The amount of information that the Awans might have stolen or compromised is not yet known as the initial investigation began when an off-site data transfer occurred. Many believe this is the same large data set that was used to get the DNC emails to WikiLeaks that would expose the corruption that stole the nomination from Bernie Sanders.

However, certain evidence is clear that Imran Awan used his position and power to gain access to United States Classified Information to either blackmail or sell to the highest bidder. The scandal involving the rest of Congress as millions of dollars have gone from candidates and organizations to the Awan brothers over the years. Many of these Democrats would hire the Awans for their IT services and give them full access to their electronics and information while services were never performed but the money still transferred.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is becoming a household name synonymous with corruption

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz is becoming a household name synonymous with corruption

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz continues to spiral downwards as this story can not stay out of the news. As much as the Western Media tried to ignore the problem, a potential spy rings was uncovered in a major American Party and rather than try to fix it, Democrats have doubled down and basically endorsed an anarchy.

Top Democrats and obstructionists have called for blood and violence in the streets as their counter-parts in the Legislative Branch use every dirty trick in the book to stop Trump. Everyday there are more and more DNC cronies and pawns to take some spotlight or cause a distraction from actual major stories. This Awan-Schultz Scandal is not going to go away as more and more indictments are likely to follow.