PUBLISHED: 10:26 PM 11 Nov 2017
UPDATED: 10:26 PM 11 Nov 2017

“It Doesn’t Matter”: Liberal Pundit Maher Issues STUNNING Claim On Rigged Primaries

Bill Maher (Pictured) Said The Most Disgusting Statement On The 2016 Democratic Primaries.

Bill Maher (Pictured) Said The Most Disgusting Statement On The 2016 Democratic Primaries.

Bill Maher (Pictured) Said The Most Disgusting Statement On The 2016 Democratic Primaries.

It’s no secret that the Democrats were engaged in a scandal of their own. During the 2016 Democratic primaries, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) actively conspired against Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in favor of Hillary Clinton.

They literally rigged the primaries so that Clinton would receive the nomination. It’s a drastic slap in the face against democratic elections, but not everyone thinks so. Liberal pundit and host of HBO’s “Real Time” Bill Maher said that “it doesn’t matter” the primaries were rigged.

Come again? “It doesn’t matter” that an election was rigged? He claims that’s the case because the primary is over. He said this in an interview with Donna Brazile, the former chairman of the DNC.

Maher said that the Democrats spent the majority of 2017 “stuck in 2016.” That part is true, as the Democrats were doing everything they possibly could to challenge President Donald Trump’s agenda.

However, it’s what he said next that is highly troubling.

“Can we put the Bernie-Hillary thing aside? That great divide. I mean, that’s what all the controversy was with your book, that the elections were — the primaries were rigged. And, you know, it doesn’t matter, first of all, now. It’s over. And also, the policy differences between the Bernie folks and the Hillary folks were really small to begin with.”

There are several things wrong with that assessment. First of all, saying that a rigged election “doesn’t matter” is a direct insult against the United States.

If that is the case, then the alleged Russian collusion shouldn’t matter because it was the same exact concept. Yet, every single Democrat has been up in arms against this.

Secondly, if the policy differences between Bernie and Hillary were as small as Maher says they were, then people wouldn’t be as angry as they were about the riggings.

Clearly, nothing is going to derail Hillary's obsessions.

The Rigged Primaries Were A HUGE Deal, Despite What Maher Says.

Maher, the true liberal pundit that he is, is trying his best to say that the Democrats should move on. However, don’t ever say that a rigged election “doesn’t matter.” That just provides a slap in the face of the great people that built this nation. Then again, liberals seem to want that destroyed, so maybe this was on purpose.