Iran Missile Barrage

PUBLISHED: 4:02 PM 10 May 2018

Israeli Bomb Response After Missile Attack Carried Out By Iran

The massive counter-attack was launched after 20 rockets were fired at Israeli military bases by Iranian forces just after midnight on Thursday.

Israel is done playing games with Iran.

The Middle East exploded on Tuesday and Wednesday when Israel returned at least 70 missiles at Syrian targets in response to an attack carried out by Iran, according to The Times of Israel.

Israel carried out a bombing assault on a large military base in Damascus, Syria, which was used by Iranian military forces before the Israeli military blew it to smithereens with a brutal air assault. The airstrikes were in response to Iran attacking the Iron Dome in Israel. Fortunately, no one was hurt by the attack.

A bevy of Israeli fighter jets entered the Syrian airspace and struck several Iranian missiles that were aimed directly at Israel. In the case that Israel did not destroy Iran’s missiles, they would have undoubtedly tried to use them to harm and kill more innocent Israelis.

Israeli military officials said it detected a heavy uptick in “unusual” movement from Iranian forces in Syria, leading them to believe an attack was imminent.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported the Israeli strikes killed at least 15 people at the Iranian site and nine fighters in the Syrian regime.

Prior to the air assault, Israel ordered local communities near Syria to open public shelters and allow as many people as possible to reach safety. They were warning local civilians so they wouldn’t be harmed or caught near the airstrikes. Rather than kill innocent people, like Iran does on a regular basis, Israel followed protocols and made sure the area was clear before launching strikes.

The death toll is expected to rise given the sheer force and power of the strikes, where Israeli missiles destroyed the entire immediate surrounding of the Iranian missiles.

After the airstrikes, Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz praised President Donald Trump, saying no other nation will stand with them and support their efforts to fight back against the murderous regime in Iran.

Katz said that Iran has been threatening and attacking Israel for many years, adding that they are thrilled to finally have the full support of the United States against the Iranian regime and the terrorist proxies they support to create chaos in the region.

He said Israel will continue to do whatever is necessary to protect its citizens and ensure Iran does not inch closer toward attacking them.

The airstrikes came on the same day as Trump pulling the U.S. out of the nuclear deal with Iran. The president slammed Iran for enriching its nuclear capabilities and funding terrorist groups in the region.

Trump was right to pull the U.S. from the awful deal just like Israel had every right to retaliate against Iran for trying to kill Israeli citizens.