PUBLISHED: 9:43 PM 22 Dec 2017

Islamists FURIOUS: Scientists Make Ancient Discovery As Muslim Attempt To Suppress Through Theft

Facts from Cytryn-Silverman (pictured) is not going to make many radical Muslims very happy.

Facts from Cytryn-Silverman (pictured) is not going to make many radical Muslims very happy.

Anyone who has taken the time to study history properly has long ago discovered the truth that Israel is the rightful land of the Jewish people. This may anger the bomb tossing side of the Islamic religion, but regardless of who is angered by the facts, it does not alter the truth any.

The Conservative Tribune is reporting that an “amazing archaeological find has strengthened the argument that Israel is the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people.” It is known that “a stone tomb seal (or door) discovered in the Israeli city of Tiberias eight years ago” shows some undeniable facts sure to infuriate Palestinians, according to Haaretz.

All they wanted was to build a sports center in Tiberias,” said Haaretz. “But then as a salvage exploration cleared away mountains of garbage, between the rats, beer bottles and junked cars they found archaeological remains, and a stone tomb seal that tells the story of religion in the Middle East.”

This piece of history tells a story that lines up with Jewish claims.

The stone is a basalt rock entombed with a seven-branched menorah, that had sealed a Jewish tomb in Tiberias almost 2,000 years ago. It then spent several centuries as the foundation for a pillar in a mosque, and then found itself serving as a stone stair in a Crusader-era sugar factory, archaeologists say,” Haaretz also stated.

Notice, it did not show an inscription of an Islamic moon or any mention of Allah, but rather, a Jewish menorah. History does not lie and this truth is going to unsettle many Muslims who have said that no history supports Jewish claims of rightful ownership.

Muslims have in the past stolen this proof, according to further historical evidence.

It was thought to be from either the first or second wave of Jewish settlers and shows that they were in this land long, long before any Muslims showed up.

Questions remain about why the door was found in the state that it was in. Some suggest that Islamists, who had rebuilt over the area, were stepping on the carved menorah on purpose after stealing the land. This would help explain why they did not just destroy it, never imagining how it would one day tell on them.

The ancient land has been found to be Jewish land.

While these questions are still hard to answer, the very use (of the door) at this place, and our eventual exposure revived its long trajectory, going from Jewish hands, to Muslim, and then to Christian owners,” said Cytryn-Silverman, a Jewish expert.

This means that when radical Islam claims that the land was stolen from the Muslims, let us remember that history tells a radically different tale.

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