Teacher Arrested

PUBLISHED: 6:43 PM 7 Jan 2020

Islamic Teacher Arrested In TX After ‘Private Lessons’ Lead To Child Assault Charges

According to officials, the abusive behavior against the children began in 2103.

The crimes span from 2103 according to officials. (Source: Fort Bend County Sheriff Screenshot Facebook)

In Fort Bend County, Texas, an Islamic religious teacher has been arrested after authorities served him with four warrants just a few feet from a mosque he was known to attend.

The sex crimes charges stem from an investigation that reportedly learned 59-year-old Mohamed Omar Ali began abusing ‘students’ in 2013, and there are four victims so far.

Islamic Religious Leader Arrested for Sexual Assault. Jan 3, 2020, FBCSO served 4 warrants to local Islamic Religious Leader. Mohamed Omar Ali, 59, resides in Houston area of FBC. Ali currently in jail w/ $125,000 in bonds& immigration hold. Victims call Sgt. Howell, 281-341-4797 pic.twitter.com/f2cQqjrUfS

— FBCSO Texas (@FBCSO) January 6, 2020

Local Affiliate ABC 13 reported:

During the investigation, authorities learned that Ali attended mosques and schools teaching the Quran. He then reportedly found a job teaching private lessons.

Members of the Muslim community said he attends the mosque Masjid Marwaas. That’s where Rafiq Ali has gotten to know him.

“I know him from the mosque,” he said. “I come here to pray. He’s a good man, and I don’t think he did such a bad thing.”

Detectives said Ali met his victims through different mosques, offering to teach them the Quran.

“We do believe that he’s been to several of the victims’ homes,” said Det. Michael Alexander with the Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office. “That’s part of what he does. He goes to people’s homes and teaches Quran lessons.”

The Fort Bend County Sheriff’s Office says there are four victims dating back to 2013 and they are certain there are more, including victims from other states. Some of the crimes could have occurred at mosques.

They’re wanting any other victims to come forward and say they’ll protect their identities.

“We always want to make sure that any child that something’s happened to has a voice and that we can bring justice to that child,” said Alexander.

Shariq Ghani with the Minaret Foundation said Ali was not employed with a mosque in Fort Bend County or an official volunteer.

“He was looked at as a religious leader, possibly by his victims, but as far the Muslim community, he’s unknown to us,” said Shariq Ghani with the Minaret Foundation.

Ali has been charged with three counts of indecency with a child and one count of sexual assault of a child. According to the sheriff’s office, there are four victims who were minors at the time of the assault.

Ali is being held on a $125,000 bond and an immigration hold.