PUBLISHED: 7:05 PM 23 Jan 2017

Islamic Council Threatens America, Demands Trump Stop His Plan To Move Embassy To Israel


Embassy What right does any nation have to say where an embassy can be moved by two agreeing counties when the two nations are sovereign?

One of the most gruesome assaults upon sovereignty and self-rule in human history has to be when Russia, under mass murderer Joseph Stalin, made a deal with Germany to split Poland up like a wishbone without Poland getting any say in the matter whatsoever.

Tanks were to simply roll in and it was to be as if Poland had no borders, no language, and no culture, to quote Michael Savage. Poland was not expected to do anything but sit back and willfully allow itself to be shared at will by two other nations. The end of this story did not go very well for the Polish, by the way. They lost 6,028, 000 when all was said and done.

With this history lesson in mind, it needs to be known that much of the world today wants to take one of the smallest nations in terms of land mass on the planet and divide it up like military rations. Worst of all, just like Poland, tiny Israel is expected to merrily give this land to those that have a pronounced and admitted visceral hatred from them.

This is why many, including Donald Trump, are starting to refrain from shying away or avoiding openly supporting Israel considering the atrocities that those who want Israels precious land have brought to the EU. Perhaps it is time to make some gestures that both support Israel and tests the Muslims at their word about sharing the land with the Jews.


How is the world to believe that the Palestinians will respect Jerusalem is they can’t even share the land enough jointly to allow a peaceful embassy?

All of this is coming into focus as it was announced that the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) is condemning Trump for saying that he plans to move the Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Well to begin the discussion, what right does any nation have to say where another nation may place an embassy? If the nation receiving the embassy has no problem with it, then no one has the right to meddle. However, this is where the lie of many within the Muslim world that wants a bite of Israel is exposed. The OIC is saying that Israel and Donald Trump must not take actions that would harm the Arabs from taking PART of Jerusalem.

If they can not even share the land enough to be tolerant of an embassy, a place of peace, then perhaps they are not being truthful about sharing the land at all. Perhaps what they really want is to bomb Israel from whatever part of the land that they can slither out of Jewish hands. Israel, according to those who think that they rule the world at the OIC, must not be allowed to “pursue its illegal occupation and annexation of ….east Jerusalem, including any such encouragement through the transfer of their diplomatic missions to the city.

The fact is that we are seeing nothing illegal at all, for this is Israel’s land that we are speaking of.


When Israel gave land in Gaza, even the children were trained to bomb FROM Gaza.

The other truth that comes out here is that for this to be true, the Muslims do NOT recognize Israel as a sovereign nation any more than Stalin recognized Poland. The goal here is going be for the Palestinians to use the same tired play that was seen in Gaza where Israel gives up land, gets bombed FROM that land, and the Palestinians claim to condemn it, then keep funding the terrorists. The OIC is just mad because Trump has seen this and alerted the world and the American people to it. Sure, Zionists are detestable people, but ISIS is worse.

Israel does not need the world’s permission to not be sliced up like a White Chapel victim any more than Poland should have needed Germany or Russia’s permission to not have well over six million of its people slaughtered in a deal of which it never endorsed.

Also, America does not have to answer to the world for moving an embassy within a sovereign nation anywhere that America and the recipient nation damn well please to put one. There has been no deal yet to destroy Jerusalem (which is what will happen) yet and there won’t be one if the Palestinians decide to act as they have in the past when they sent rockets into Israeli families.


Trump has long been a supporter of Israels right to exist.

If Israel gives up more land, will the Muslims suddenly stop digging tunnels into the other part of the Holy Land as they have done in Gaza and other acquired lands? If so, there is no reason that Trump should recognize any dividing of Jerusalem any more than those dividing it recognize Israel. Israel has made a lush paradise out of what was a wretched desert, they have protected themselves from constant onslaughts, and they are expected to now just give in to those who are still pledged to annihilate them.

This is seen in the fact that the Muslims can not even share enough land to allow an embassy, something that Trump was able to prove before he was even in office since this happened the day prior to his grand inauguration that so many had worked tirelessly for.

The Muslim world is going to have to understand that if they act at least with some form of decorum, people will want to work for them. This is seen in how the world treats Egypt who, while not perfect, at least have the sense to protect itself and it’s treasures from radical Islamic decimation. When a nation acts as off center as North Korea does (and the Palestinians are) and demand land while bombing the nation that is to give the land,  then there is a disconnect that only the radical Islamist is not seeing.


Every time that Israel give us land, Israel get bombed from that land.

Trump can see this, while he is often called “the new Hitler,” he is one of the only people standing up for the state of Israel.

Not only does this make him a poor choice for role of a new Hitler, but it also separates him from the warmongers and hateful racists that make demands as they inflict misery in Norway, Sweden, America, China, Russia, Pakistan, India, Egypt, Syria, Libya, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Spain, Germany, Austria, Australia, South Korea, most of Africa…