IRS Workers Will Work

PUBLISHED: 9:49 PM 16 Jan 2019

IRS Workers Required To Work For Tax Season

The move will ensure that tax refunds are issued.

The IRS will be processing tax refunds and return despite the shutdown.

In a move that has many liberals screaming ‘unfair!’ the government will require 46,000 Internal Revenue Service employees to work without pay during the shutdown, to ensure that tax returns and refunds are processed as usual.

The agency announced yesterday that almost 60 percent of its workforce will return.

So, the IRS will be adding staff to answer some questions via telephone “in the coming days,” the agency said, but warned taxpayers should expect “heavier call volume” and “longer wait times.”

Walk-in assistance centers will remain closed, including those intended to help victims of identity theft establish their identity, however, people are still required to pay and file their taxes on time.

“During this period, the IRS reminds taxpayers that the underlying tax laws remain in effect, and all taxpayers should continue to meet their tax obligations as normal,” the IRS website states. “Individuals and businesses should keep filing their tax returns and making payments and deposits with the IRS, as they are required to do by law.”

Many people have little sympathy, claiming that government workers enjoy perks that nearly no one in the private sector (in similar jobs) receive. In fact, they cite the 2017 Congressional Budget Office study, which compared “the compensation of full-time, year-round private sector workers to non-postal, civilian, federal workers in 2011 to 2015.”

The study found that:

  • Federal workers received an average of 17 percent more total compensation than comparable private sector workers.
  • “59 percent of federal workers say securing a paycheck was more important than doing something worthwhile.”
  • “65 percent say job security was more important than helping the public.”
  • “only 30 percent believe their organization does a very or somewhat good job of disciplining poor performers.”


So, while these individuals have been enjoying the benefits of a position that is practically impossible to lose, many people aren’t too sympathetic that for the first time, in history, these workers will have to go without a pay check for a few more weeks.

Others remember a time when the economy was reeling and unemployment was so high that millions of Americans simply gave up looking for work (thanks, Obama).

“The plan comes after the White House on Jan. 7 ordered the agency to still process tax returns starting Jan. 28 and issue tax refunds as planned.

“The upcoming tax season, however, was expected to be particularly tricky. In 2017, President Donald Trump signed into law a massive rewrite of the tax code.”

Democrat Steny Hoyer has questioned whether making workers work without pay is legal and accused the president of acting like other socialist dictators.

“The president now is going to order them to do what we think is illegal to do because he wants to act like a dictator,” Hoyer claimed.

However, Hoyer must have forgotten the secret tape recording of him using coercion tactics to get another candidate to withdraw… a move many people consider dictator-like.

However, the IRS said that the Office of Management and Budget “had reviewed the relevant laws at the Treasury Department’s request and concluded that tax refunds may be paid during a government shutdown.”

“We are committed to ensuring that taxpayers receive their refunds notwithstanding the government shutdown,” IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig said, adding, “I appreciate the hard work of the employees and their commitment to the taxpayers during this period.”

In a statement released Tuesday, the IRS urged payers to file electronically.