PUBLISHED: 6:30 PM 19 Apr 2017

IRS Report Released, Proving Liberal Entitlement Is A Very Real And Enormous Problem

The IRS wastes more money just sending money back than what many entitlement programs cost.

One of the reasons that Obamacare failed so badly is because, to put it into simple terms that social justice warriors can grasp easily, “America is big.” Each state knows it’s own needs and what they can afford. In some cases, such as with New York City, it can be imagined that the healthcare would need to be broken down in even smaller divisions than just by state. The same could hold true for parts of California, if they remain in the union. Well, another reason that the ACA nose-dived is because a great number of people who voted for the plan (by choosing Obama) did not work. They did not pay into the system, yet it was giving them the option of getting it to pay for their healthcare costs. It was a no-brainer for them.

For “Joe Taxpayer,” it destroyed his coverage, however. Things for “Joe” are only getting worse since CNS News is reporting today that 52,062,499 (quick math rounds out to 35% of the population) pay no income tax at all. This means that the typical worker is paying for himself and 35% of everyone else on wages that have gone down, as outsourcing has taken advancement away.

In 2014 (most recent complete comparative data), $1,377,797,136,000 was fleeced from the worker in the name of “individual income taxes.” That is a record amount of money taken in taxes. In other words, the government has taken more money from a pool of less people who are earning far less money than ever before. Now it makes sense why Senator (and Doctor) Rand Paul (R-KY) wanted to feed the tax code into a woodchipper.


The IRS is collecting MORE money from LESS people who make less capital than ever before.

It gets even more troublesome (to anyone with a calculator) when it is known that of the 52,062,499 who paid nothing, 31,129,405 got a “refund” back anyhow in the form of “refundable tax credits.” While many who are on assistance have no choice but to do this (in part due to Democratic policies, NAFTA, and the very nature of the IRS itself), the fact that the U.S. has set itself on a road to bankruptcy by allowing everyone with a crying jag to claim “disability,” for instance, is becoming a real problem.

In total, taxpayers claimed $105.6 billion in refundable tax credits,” declared a recent IRS report. “Of this, $5.5 billion was applied against income taxes and $9.8 billion against all other taxes. The remaining $90.3 billion in refundable tax credits was refunded to taxpayers.” This statement once again reminds so many of us how absolutely horrendous the federal government is at ANYTHING. It would be much cheaper and mean vastly less manpower (to the tune of millions upon millions of dollar a year) to have everyone fill out their income taxes on postcards asking, “How much did you make” and ending with “This is what you owe.” Many have been in favor of this very idea and yet no one listens.


Welfare numbers are climbing, but the workforce to pay for it is shrinking.

Others have said that if the cost of everything purchased were to rise by a penny or two, as long as it’s secured against it increasing every time that Uncle Sam got thirsty, then that also would be a workable idea that would abolish the IRS. Instead, we have the most ineffective system that could ever be devised and we wonder why people avoid paying their taxes. So much of our money is wasted in just mailing money back that it could likely pay for five or six entitlement programs itself! Abolishing these kinds of practices would prevent the kind of waste that we see in other areas of the IRS regarding this. We would never hear things like “Tax credits are used to offset taxes. Certain tax credits are also refundable in that if the credit exceeds the total tax owed, the excess can be refunded to the taxpayer,” which the report says, as well.

The CNS News article goes on to explain the example of the “Earned Income Tax Credit” law to clarify the whole issue, and if one wants a splitting headache, it is an encouraged read. For those that don’t, remember that this is what we pay for. Our tax dollars collected by the IRS, rather than binge collected in an orderly manner that respects the sweat and/or mental prowess of the people who work every day to better themselves and their country, is squandering the money. They are a front group for a federal government that is out of control. Keeping IRS law and protocols so very complicated is one of the ways that they can game the system towards their own advantage at will.


The IRS never tires of finding new ways to waste taxpayer’s money.

At first, when the insidious IRS began, it was to be a temporary “fill gap” initiative. In no time at all, it was permanent. While some people have tried with varying degrees of success to fight its legality, the entity remains. Even though those who want to see war and U.S. involvement in warfare diminished could do so by working while in office to abolish the IRS, few try to do it. Democrats claim to want to see less money going to places like Haliburton, yet they do nothing to cut IRS funding, which, by proxy, would do it. Likewise, Republicans claim to want less entitlements. Getting rid of the IRS would make such matters more state-oriented, and yet the GOP hides under their desks at the mention of shelving the agency, in most instances.

It used to be that those who opposed the IRS had assumed that if they just sat back long enough, the people would see the true waste and simply work to see it eliminated themselves. Those who thought that fifty years ago could never have imagined the great and excelling dumbing down that America has seen. Now, the average worker is so dull of wit and mind, when the IRS reimbursement check comes, they say, “Thank you IRS.” This is like an ISIS slave thanking their keepers for a sip of water, and yet it happens every year. Until something is done in terms of educating the population just to what level of thievery and waste they are paying for, it can be thought that this could get a whole lot worse before it gets even a bit better.


More people need to awaken just to what it is the that IRS is, and what they do if it is to ever be stopped for the good of us all.