IRS Deep State

PUBLISHED: 9:01 PM 25 Sep 2018

IRS Leftists Brag About Undermining Law, Deleting Emails, Downplay Dishonesty

One agent spoke happily about abusing the power to tax, while the other downplayed such abuses as 'mistakes.'

IRS leftists bragged about undermining the laws, deleting emails, and even downplayed dishonesty rife in the Barack Obama-era IRS.

During the Barack Obama years, his administration was plagued with the Internal Revenue Service scandal. The IRS, rather than fulfilling its duties to audit various agencies and organizations in a nonpartisan manner, had instead decided to abuse its power to target ‘conservative’ and ‘tea party’ related political groups with unnecessary and frivolous audits.

The latest video from Project Veritas exposed hard-leftists working as part of the ‘deep state’ resistance against President Donald Trump in the IRS. This time, O’Keefe’s crew caught a tax examiner, and an IRS attorney, who both appeared to be driven by ideology, even boasting about how Obama administration appointees deleted email evidence of wrongdoing at the agency.

Some have argued that the IRS is among the most destructive portions of the federal government, citing the belief that the power to tax is the power to harass and destroy.

Nothing about Thomas Sheehy, one of the IRS employees interviewed by the undercover PV employee, should comfort any citizen of the United States.

Sheehy, a tax examiner working for the agency in Austin, Texas, is, yet again, a member of the Democratic Socialists of America, the far-left political group that has featured into the other three videos in the series.

He boasted about the ‘additional scrutiny’ that John Koskinen applied to conservative groups, and even said that he was “so cool” because he “deleted all the emails.”

The IRS employee and member of the Austin Democratic Socialists of America continued on to say that he “didn’t give a sh*t” that it was a crime for Koskinen to delete emails in order to hide wrongdoing by the federal agency.

Sheehy even stated that, in his opinion, conservative and tea party groups “should” receive more scrutiny, because they’re “just f**cking fronts for the Koch brothers.”

The Austin, Texas-based tax examiner bragged to James O’Keefe‘s employee about how he got a lot of time off and a lot of late pay.

He said that he “just really like[d]” the benefits of working a government job, and bragged about how, for ‘DSA’ stuff, he would just stay late, and then ‘call in’ the next day.

Sheehy said that as long as he didn’t tell his manager that the reason he was taking the day off was so he could spend time pushing a (socialist) political agenda, it would be fine.

The IRS employee even bragged that his ‘friend,’ ‘Chris,’ did a lot of ‘”tech stuff” for the DSA, including running the national social media accounts and drafting bylaws.

Sheehy claimed that it was ‘unfortunate’ that he was barred, by the “bylaws of” the union he was in, to “go against the constitution,” and told the Project Veritas undercover agent that if he could, he would.

Elsewhere, the IRS attorney, Jerry Semasek, located in Washington D.C., disclosed that “mistakes were made” in the 2013 IRS scandal that centered around Lois Lerner and inappropriate targeting of right-leaning organizations.

Semasek, who worked for the IRS at the time, said that the employees in the office in Cincinnati, Ohio, who were “more liberal leaning democrats,” required right-leaning organizations to “produce more documentation” to receive, and maintain, various tax-exempt statuses.

He repeated that ‘mistakes were made,’ as if that somehow excused targeting only organizations of a particular political bent or viewpoint for extra harassment from the federal government.

Of the two federal employees, paid with taxpayer funds, one seemed to think that it was simply a ‘mistake’ that left-leaning employees targeted organizations based almost entirely on their political stance.

The other happily bragged about gaming the system at his job so he could spend time pushing far-left politics and boasted that a former high-ranking employee deleted emails (and broke the law) in order to allow the agency to harass people without any oversight.

He seemed to think that it was ‘unfortunate’ that he couldn’t break the constitution in his ideologically-driven desire to target people like the Koch brothers.

United States Supreme Court Chief Justice John Marshall, in the opinion set forth concerning McCulloch v. Maryland, declared that “the power to tax involves the power to destroy.”

It appears that leftists like the DSA agreed wholeheartedly, and only wished that they could use that power to greater effect, with fewer restraints, and without having to ever answer to the citizenry.