Obama Supplied Iran With Stealth Drone Used To Attack Israel

PUBLISHED: 6:35 PM 12 Feb 2018

Iran’s Stealth Drone That Attacked Israel Was Gift From Obama Administration

A gift given to Iran from Obama is carrying out attacks on our allies.

Netanyahu reveals an Iranian stealth drone was given to regime from Obama's' administration.

The Israeli military said an Iranian drone it shot down over the weekend was a gift to the terrorist-supporting regime years ago from former President Barack Obama’s administration.

Israel delivered a blistering rebuke Saturday to Obama after it was confirmed an American stealth drone that was intercepted by Iran seven years ago from the Obama administration was used to carry out an attack against our ally.

Israeli Army spokesman Lt. Col Jonathan Conricus said the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) was dispatched on a specific mission inside Israel, adding that Israel was forced to defend itself against a clear attack from Iran.

Iran is roughly 1,000 miles away from Syria, so why are they flying an Obama-gifted American drone in Israel?

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu confirmed Saturday night that the Israeli military shot down the drone with an Apache attack helicopter, and he was not pleased with Iran’s provocation and violation of laws.

“I have been warning for some time about the dangers of Iran’s military entrenchment in Syria. Iran seeks to use Syrian territory to attack Israel for its professed goal of destroying Israel,” Netanyahu said.

He added: “This morning Iran brazenly violated Israel’s sovereignty. They dispatched an Iranian drone from Syrian territory into Israel. And this demonstrates that our warnings were 100% correct. Israel holds Iran and its Syrian hosts responsible for today’s aggression. We will continue to do whatever is necessary to protect our sovereignty and our security.”

In addition to Obama allowing Iran to keep the American drone it intercepted seven years ago, the terrorist regime has been building copies of the drone by reverse engineering most of the technology.

In Dec. 2011, Obama said his administration had asked Iran to return the drone, but they didn’t listen because the regime never feared Obama.

Now Iran is replicating our drone technology and using it against Israel, our strongest ally in the Middle East.

This also follows a report last week that the $1.7 billion the Obama’s administration gave to Iran as part of the Nuclear Deal has been traced back to Iranian-linked terrorist groups in the region.

Had Obama not been a weak and feckless leader, we could have gotten our drone back, Iran wouldn’t be building copies of our property, and Israel wouldn’t be subjected to drone attacks from the regime.

We should be very thankful Obama is no longer in office and that President Donald Trump does not appease the Iranian terrorists.

Source: Jewish Press