PUBLISHED: 12:59 AM 10 Jan 2018

Iran Stops “Cultural Invasion” Using Appalling Ban As Frankfurt School Tactics Recognized As Threat

Ayatollah Khamenei said that it was a "Cultural Invastion" taking place in Iran as Western ideas seem to be more cherished there than in the West. He calls for a ban of the English language being taught in schools.

Ayatollah Khamenei said that it was a “Cultural Invastion” taking place in Iran as Western ideas seem to be more cherished there than in the West. He calls for a ban of the English language being taught in schools.

There are nations in the world that still understand the way that global diplomacy is done as well the rights their own nation has over its state.  Many of these nations are in fact Muslim majority nations that take pride in forming their own laws and rules, many of which defy traditional human rights standards.  One of these nations is Iran and now they are once again showing the rest of the world what sovereignty means as they look to ban English from schools.

The Supreme Leader is calling for junior high schools and other preliminary schools to drop their English programs for fear of cultural invasion.  This completely insulting idea is nothing more than fabrication as they call the English language a means of cultural war.  Now in a complex international system that the world sees today, each nation has the right to act in the best interests of their people and their state.  That is exactly what Iran is doing here.

Iran’s recent uprising and attempted organic revolution has put an uneasy feeling in the regime that controls the state.  Their power is diminishing as Western ideas of free speech, equal rights, secular governments are taking hold thanks to social media and Iranians educating themselves in Western concepts.  However, Iran has the right to call for the stop to teaching English if they feel as though the spread of the language is conflicting with state affairs.

The recent protests have caused many around the world to look on in awe. In the West there are liberal women begging to put the hijab on and in Iran there are women getting arrested for begging to take them off after learning of Western ideas.

This is not the time to debate wheter or not it is ethical or humanitarian to ban a language but rather a time to see the standards being set.  The United States and many other Western countries are in a unique position at this time where massive populations of refugees are refusing to assimilate, carrying out dangerous crimes, and ultimately creating resentment with their actions.  Now the people of Europe have to wonder why a nation like Iran can ban a language whereas their own countries are being turned into a dual justice system, thanks to political correctness.

One group has to learn the language, get a job, pay taxes, and conform whereas the other can bring their own language, customs, refuse work, and collect benefits with no repercussions from society or the justice system.  Speak up about these issues and one could find themselves in a similar position as the protesters in Iran.

It is completely backwards to think that a nation like Iran has the right and authority to outright ban a language when cultures are under attack in Europe.  European nations must recognize that they have been bamboozled into thinking that Muslim nations are going to go by the politically correct rules that the Europeans play by.  Their ban of a language is wrong, but they do not care because they believe the safety of their state is at stake.

Europe is in the middle of an identity crisis and yet the thought of banning Arabic or Farsi seems like something that would get someone thrown in jail.

No longer will Iranians have the luxury of reading or speaking English as their state looks to keep them in the dark due to an invasion from the West.

These are the hypocritical actions of other nations that make many wonder as to why the nations of Europe have become so complacent in the face of their own demise.  The politicians act like fools as they welcome in hundreds of thousands of migrants who have no intentions to contributing to the cultures of Europe but rather seeking their demise.  Their humanitarian guise is nothing more than a show to make people feel guilty for opposing such obvious replacement.

It is a shame that the nations that basically discovered  the international system and concepts like sovereignty are being educated about it by other nations.  This article is not defending Iran for banning English but rather showing that they understand the system better than those who invented it!  If Iran can ban English then the United Kingdom can ban Arabic, there is no reason why one should be held to a different standard then the other.

Why must these nations continue to be taken as fools when other nations are clearly in it to win it.  Iran does not want Western influence at all and yet for some reason the Europeans continue to take in Muslims with a different culture, so different that Iran has to ban English for fear of Western teachings “corrupting” their youth.

The thought that the Supreme leader could even mention “Cultural Invasion” while Europe is being torn apart is laughable. However, his contempt for the opinions of others to do what he thinks is best for his state is something the European people need to see as their own leaders continue to toe the politically correct line. These soldiers do not care who is polititically correct if they are following orders and their orders are largely aimed at Westerners.

If the reasoning does not make sense by now that other nations take sovereignty very seriously then Europeans need to wake up and understand that their countries are no longer theirs.