PUBLISHED: 12:35 AM 15 Sep 2016

Iran Show Of Military Force, Empowered By Recent Obama Nuke Deal


Iran Is Feeling Pretty Good After That Nuclear Deal

It appears that the United States nuclear deal with Iran has made the Islamic regime very bold. In fact this recent boldness has made some members of the State Department a little concerned.

On Tuesday, spokesman Mark Toner was talking about the issue with Fox News’s James Rosen. They were talking about some of the recent actions that Iran has taken against the United States. These include confrontations at sea and even threats to shoot down United States planes.

Toner told Rosen, “Well, again, I don’t have all the facts and figures in front of me, but we have seen some disturbing, as you cited, trends.” Disturbing might be a bit of an understatement. They have threatened to shoot down some planes that belong to the United States. They have created confrontations in the seas.

We Could Have Blown Them Out Of The Water In Under 10 Seconds, But Obama Won't Let Us Fight

They Have Confronted The United States In The Seas As Well As The Skies

Toner continued. “And I think two things. One is that in our view, it only makes the significance of the nuclear agreement that much more important because the last thing anyone would want to see in the region is a nuclear-armed Iran.” Again that seems like a massive understatement.

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If Iran Gets Nuclear Weapons, This Is What Could Happen

The nuclear deal that was signed was not well received in the United States. Despite the fact that President Obama said it was a “historic understanding,” every single Republican and a few Democrats were opposed to the deal.

Toner continued with, “But it also shows that Iran has a choice to make. And if it wants to engage further with the West, following on the engagement that led to the nuclear agreement, more productively and play a more constructive role in the region or continue with, as I said, its bad behavior. Thus far we’ve not seen that shift to a constructive engagement.”

Toner seems to believe that this is just a little aggression from the Iranians and that it will cease because of the nuclear agreement. However Rosen didn’t seem to share that same belief.

“But you can’t rule out that in fact this deal has served as a cause for this more aggressive posture.” Rosen brings up a good point. Iran knows that they won that deal, and they know that President Obama and the United Nations will want to continue their policy of appeasement. At least it seems like appeasement.


This Is Basically What The Nuclear Deal Was

And looking at history, we have seen what appeasement has done. It was the policy that led the entire world into World War II. Britain and France kept trying to appease Adolf Hitler and Germany. That ended up failing big time and millions upon millions of innocent lives were lost.

Well the saying is that “history repeats itself.” Well we are seeing it right here. After that question that Rosen brought up, Toner seemed to hesitate in his word choice. “I mean, I can’t rule that out. It’s just, you know, we’ve- – you know, Iran like many countries has an internal political process that’s defined by a lot of different dynamics. But I can’t give an assessment one way or the other in that regard.”

Of course you can’t rule it out. It came out that the commander of the U.S. 5th Fleet said that two U.S. Navy patrol aircraft were flying in international airspace over the Strait of Hormuz. This was on Saturday. And during that mission, the Iranians said that they would fire missiles at the jets if they didn’t change their course.


They Threatened To Fire Missiles At The United States Fighter Jets

First of all, threatening two United States pilots is pretty bold. Second of all how can Toner say he can’t give an assessment one way or the other? Iran has proven that they are going to send threats to the United States either by air or sea.

Perhaps they are doing this because they don’t respect President Obama. That part seems perfectly clear. They know that they can do some pretty nasty things, like threaten United States Navy personal, and Obama isn’t going to do a damn thing about it.

After all, he was the person that signed the deal with Iran. Not to mention that if Iran actually respected the leader of the United States, they wouldn’t dare try any of these tactics with someone that they respected, or feared. So they are willing to completely disrespect the President of the United States because they do not fear him in the slightest.

Iran Continues To Own Obama In Every Aspect

Iran Continues To Disrespect Obama

So yes, it seems that the nuclear deal has made Iran very bold. They wouldn’t have basically threatened to shoot down two fighter jets otherwise. So what did the spokesman for the State Department have to say about that?

His response to that “would be in line with what we’ve said, because frankly, there have been previous incidents much like this. I think we had one a week or so ago. And they’re concerning, obviously. They escalate tensions – – and needlessly escalate tensions frankly. And our forces within the area, within the region, are operating according to Freedom of Navigation standards.”

Once again, he has a severe understatement. Of course they escalate tensions! Coupled with the fact that the forces were operating under standards and you have a nation that isn’t just bold; they’re scary. It seems that Iran has a newfound confidence in themselves after this nuclear deal. And whom can we thank for that? That would be President Obama.

Share this article if you believe that Iran was acting pretty bold and it was a result of the nuclear deal. Obama has given Iran confidence that they don’t need right now. Now they are threatening our forces because they know that Obama isn’t going to do anything about it. We need to have a leader that other nations actually respect. That would be Donald Trump. You can guarantee that this would not happen under his watch.