PUBLISHED: 3:03 PM 31 Dec 2016

Iran Receives $10 Billion In Gold And Cash Immediately After Nuclear “Treaty” Signed, Coincidence?


The nation that chants for America death gets riches from America

When Trump was on the campaign trail, those who opposed him frequently spoke about his stance with Iran. Trump was too hard on Iran, they claimed. Iran has lied about the parts of the deal that it was to uphold long before, so wouldn’t that negate it?

With the Obama administration, what we are seeing is that America is turning a blind eye to the fact that the leaders of Iran often attend marches where the chant commonly heard is, “Death to America.”The equally pleasant, “Down with America,” is also common. It can be argued that it is not Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani that is chanting it, but does he ever attempt to squelch the words?  No, as a mater of fact, Iran defended the chant by saying that it is not meant to be taken literally, and that the Iranian people respect America.


Gold by the boat loads leaves America and heads to Iran.

So let’s get this straight. We LITERALLY (there’s that word again) gave what the Wall Street Journal reports is ten billion dollars in cash and gold, sanctions relief, and various money from other forms such as trade, to a nation that respects us enough to chant for our death in a non literal way. This is what got Donald Trump elected, the mass awakening to the simple facts when actually spoken out loud.

Worse still, the money is going through endless tunnels and shields due to the way that the nuclear deal was reached that it is said to be all but impossible track. That means that no one can tell what Iran does with the money. Iran has been found guilty by multiple nations of openly supporting terrorism, so perhaps the money is going there. We may never know, even if and when the bombs start going off.


The leaders of Iran do nothing to stop the chants of, “Death to AMERICA” or “Down with America”.

While on the topic of bombs, Iran has been caught with 20% enriched uranium which is a bit much for a standard reactor, but within reach of nuclear bomb technology. When that is understood along side the respectful “death to America” chanting, things can quickly become questionable. This is yet another reason that Trump won the election. It had less to do with Russia and more to do with “stupid deals” such as this

When even CNN is reporting that Iran has secret sites, what more proof could there be that things are amiss? When Trump says that George W. Bush made a horrendous error by entering into the Iraq war, he said it for a reason. By bringing Iraq down, it made the two warring factions of Islam which were separated by the Iran/Iraq border unite once that border was erased. Historically speaking, it recreated what the world once called Persia.

We know that Persia was one of the most brutal empires on the face the Earth. They would set people on fire, throw them from mountaintops, behead them, and act exactly like ISIS. Saddam was not a good man, a good leader, or anything other than human filth. However, even more vile filth has risen from the ashes of Saddam, and much of this can be tied to what is a division line between the two nations that exists only the map. According to history, their unity usually results in death to their neighbors.


Trump was right about the catastrophe that is the Iran deal.

Trump also makes a stunning point when it is remembered how bad off our economy is. Those who purchase gold know how the precious metal fluxes. When the Brexit first happened, many who flip gold for a living found a spike of over sixty dollars per ounce overnight. Imagine the win that someone who would own a significant amount of gold would see under such circumstances.  Now understand that the precious gold did not go to Americas poor – hell, not even America’s rich and greedy, but to Iran.

The money will go to Iran the next time that some world event triggers a spike in gold, and it will keep happening thanks to the deal that our leaders allowed to go through. The money could not have been more ill used had it been given to Jill Steins recount. After all, she wasn’t chanting for anyone’s (respectful) death.


Iran is located in an earthquake zone as deadly as Fukushima.

Finally, there is the grim reality of where Iran is located. Even if the leaders of Iran had an epiphany and suddenly embraced the milk of human kindness to all of Israel and the world, there would still be the problem of location with the nuclear power plant. Iran is located on one of the most dangerously active fault lines in the world. Worse still, the whole world is seeing worse quakes, so it is the worst time to be in an active zone.

The very same people, doctors, and seismologists who warned about the coming quake, tidal wave, nuclear power plant location in Fukushima are giving the same warning to Iran. Sadly, they are being just as ignored as they were in Japan, which matters since Japan has yet to even found most of the missing fuel. When a quake hits Iran with the kind of ungodly (Un-Allahly?) force that hit Japan, it will be worse for the Arab people than anything America or Israel has even done to them.

At the end of the day, that is saddest fact. No one in America wants to see innocent Iranian’s or Islamist’s harmed. Americans may make jokes, some of them not so kind, but there no malice in the souls of most people in America. We do not want death to Iran, half of our population can not even find Iran on a map, but they have no hate towards the people who live there. The average Iranian loves their families just as Americans do.

By pursuing nuclear power in a zone where a massive earthquake is scientifically shown to likely happen during the life of the plant and it’s storage waste, Iran is putting the lives and health of everyone even well beyond its borders at grave risk. By pursuing nuclear weapons, Iran is putting the lives of the world at risk, because no one knows how far up the leadership chain the words “death to America” ring. What we do know is that it is literally not respectful.