PUBLISHED: 7:35 PM 20 Feb 2017

Iran Elite Guard Initiates Forbidden Military Drill “Grand Prophet 11” By Gen. Mohammad


Iran is again using drills and weapons testing against the deal that they made with the USA.

In a rather disturbing book called, “Lords Of Chaos,” the story is told of a group of Satan worshippers and Odin followers who burnt down churches, murdered gays, ingested body parts of suicide victims, and would sing about it on stage in Norway. At one point in the book, which is a true story with minor embellishments according to some, one of the demented group said that he was doing “evil for evil’s sake.” Today in Iran, it could very easily be said that the Revolutionary Guard is committing evil for Allah’s sake as they continue to prepare for what seems like a full fledged war with America.

No sooner had the deal breaking nation of Iran, who has breached almost every aspect of their promises regarding nuclear technology, been warned by the United States about sanctions in reply to their missile testing do they defiantly plan another drill. According to Iran’s General Mohammad Pakpou, “The maneuvers called ‘Grand Prophet 11’ will start Monday and last three days.

Now bare in mind that the lefty crybabies melted down (like an Iranian nuke plant in an earthquake zone will do) over Mrs. Trump reciting the Lords Prayer; a prayer from the Prince of Peace about forgiveness while saying not a word about their hero’s Obama, Kerry, and Clinton having given nuclear technology to a nation that calls a test “Grand Prophet 11” referencing one of the most combative and offensive “prophets” of all time!


Iranian leaders have long mocked and called for the death of the United States, Israel, and Jews the world over.

To make matters even more morbidly ambiguous, Pakpou has said that the test will include rockets but declined to say what kinds. Perhaps they shall be nuclear, perhaps only “nuclear capable”, but regardless, Iran is proving Donald Trump right in every regard. He has long said that the hateful nation who chants for our death was still looking to develop weapons against is – be they conventional or nuclear – and that due to it, they should be barred from having the technology. Just as no duplex or apartment neighbor wants his fellow neighbor having a meth lab in the cellar (because they explode, not due to “War on Drugs” support), no nation wants a warmongering state like Iran to build a nuke plant on a Fukushima-style, active earthquake zone.

Iran is now infamous for conducting drills during times that such tests create the most stress within the region and the world, something that seems to be the motive again this time, considering the instability brought upon by the needed travel ban. Even though they took every cent of American money that they could get their bomb-making hands on and made a deal to not continue doing what they have in terms of rhetoric and weaponry, they blame America for going back on the deal. In Iran, it seems to be an act of piety to lie, just as the Koran suggests, but it is pure evil if America simply enforces the rules of the deal. Iran is sounding more and more like the American Democrat Party every day.


While the Koran is FULL of calls for honesty, those calls are for dealing with OTHER MUSLIMS. It is 100% legal under Islamic tenants to lie to a non-Muslim. Iran has used this against the U.S. with great ease.

For this reason, at least in part, Donald Trump put sanctions again on the devilishly deceitful nation this past January 29th. Iran has said that they have “complete preparedness to deal with the threats” against what they call, “humiliating sanctions” doled out by America. Again, it seems as if they are just unwilling to admit to themselves or the world that they openly took American money, lied to get the deal, and are totally untrustworthy on a scale that makes them the unlikely recipient of any world truth moving forward.

They have humiliated themselves. If they had wanted to continue down the path that they were on towards nuclear weaponry as “a right” since “America did it,” then perhaps that would have been acknowledged prior. However, since they took the money, made the deal, and lied, they are nothing but a disgrace to “the handshake.” No nation will again trust them.

Vice President Mike Pence has seen the threat as clearly as the president does. This was displayed in clarity when he said, “Iran would do well to look at the calendar and realize there’s a new president in the Oval Office. And Iran would do well not to test the resolve of this new president.” This is what we have seen from Iran, too. While great progress was seen with Australia, Canada, Japan, and even to a greater degree than expected, Mexico, Iran has tested and called for war against the U.S. because they broke a deal. America is guilty of many sins, but this one, this was all Iran, ladies and gentlemen. Even North Korea is showing more openness towards dealing with Donald Trump, and their leadership is half mad.


Women can be abused legally and with great force in Iran and yet the feminism movement battles Trump who is trying to end such from being accepted.

James Mattis, Trump’s Pentagon Chief and someone with a firm grasp on world affairs has noticed the actions and malice erupting daily from within in Iran and has declared them, “the single biggest state sponsor of terrorism in the world.” Iran has meanwhile carried on blathering that the missile tests are “purely for defensive purposes,” but as noted countless times, a nuclear weapon is not a defensive weapon, but an offensive one. Also, regardless of what names they wish to bestow upon such tests or the reasons given, the bottom line is that the actions are a lie, a flaw upon the deal, and grounds to see the deal abolished.

The world is seeing a rise in the worst elements of mankind within the guise of Islam just as the American Democratic Party is fully embracing speakers like Linda Sarsour who have sharia leanings that are more deeply related to the barbarism of Iran than the freedom of the United States. This is not being done on accident, for while there is everything ranging from honest debate to outright conspiracy theories about Obama’s religion and motives, there is no doubt that much of the Islamic problem that we have today in the world is a result of Bush’s failed onslaught and Obama’s sympathies towards radical sharia-driven radicals. This is not opinion, this is a matter of public record and fact.


Donald Trump has long called for an end to the “Iran Deal” because Iran has broken the rules outlined within the deal.

To that end, Donald Trump has a situation on his hands with Iran. Oh, nukes will not be coming to land in D.C. this coming weekend when the tests happen, but one day (“Allah willing”, they say) such terror will at least be attempted in some way by Iran. Hopefully, it will be halted by the Trump administration, but if not….if innocents die because of Iran’s sponsoring of terror, then every Democrat and judge who moved to block what Trump tried to do should be held accountable, perhaps face even trial. The reason for this is that the hatred and calls for our death that come from the leaders of Iran are well known and to cater to them is to cater to American demise. THAT is called “sedition,” and that, thankfully, is still illegal.

Then again, when was the last time that law ever mattered to a Democrat?