PUBLISHED: 5:42 PM 27 Feb 2017

Iran Deploys Navy To Sea Despite U.S. Notice, Tensions High As Iran Destroyers Fill Strait Of Hormuz


The Strait of Hormuz sees a great deal of the world’s energy transport and some see Iran as a threat to such commerce.

When a nation is an open sponsor of terrorism and is called out for their evil on the world stage, it is not shocking in the least that the nation in question would lash out like a child upon being  (rightfully) humiliated. When the same nation, and yes we are talking about Iran, breaks a deal just as openly as they condone murder in their religions name and are exposed without reservation for all to hear, then they will likely do things like conduct military drills, which they are. For that matter, when Trump put the nation “on notice” for repeated provocations, rather than take it as signs that Trump is striving for peace, it is still not that shocking that they would provoke even more.

However when one of the nation’s that forbids women to drive, move about at will, may not even study certain topic areas in college, and condemn (admittedly, even) crude comments from Trump, then they are not only dangerous, but hilariously hypocritical. Blind to how mandating that women dress like the angel of death is worse than flirting – even crudely – with women, Iran’s Ahmadinejad said that he welcomes his criticisms of the political system but takes issue with his visa ban and attitudes towards women,” in a letter.


Iran has been proven to have given vast amounts of money to terror groups all over the world.

While Iran also states that they agree that the U.S political and media system is corrupt (a stab at attempting to use Trump’s words against him), Iran is missing the point that if threatened, history has shown that America can come together. Vietnam was not a threat, Libya was not at threat, so America was, and is still, tremendously divided over such actions. However, when America is threatened, history has shown that even visceral division can heal with vision blurring speed and unity. As Iran conducts these tests with various degrees of attention towards any blocking of the Strait of Hormuz (an act that many have practically proven would lead to nuclear war), the eyes of the world rest upon Trump’s reactions to such constant saber rattling.

Due to these exercises, Yahoo News reports that Trump has stated prior that Iran “was playing with fire and all U.S. options were on the table.” The United States president, which has been accused of being for war by the media that even Iran sees as corrupt, has actually been doing nothing but warning the terrorist funding nation, but this could change overnight if Iran continues.


The U.S. Navy was forced to fire upon Iranian ships who approached too quickly just last month.

What is also alarming is that just like Hitler promised to fight evil while conquering nations like Poland who did not want them invading, so it is that Iran promises to fight terror by conducting these drills. Iran has been found guilty by virtually every nation in the world of sponsoring groups who bomb children and longs for the death of the U.S. and Israel even during times of (what passes for) peace. That means that these drills are only for planned use against those who Iran considers terrorists, which may or not be terrorist cells at all. Though certain groups that threaten Iran are also enemies of America, more often than not, Iran is prone to attack those who are trying to oppose Iran’s terror.

Therefore, when Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari says, “Iran’s annual exercises will be held in the Strait of Hormuz, the Gulf of Oman, the Bab el-Mandab and northern parts of the Indian Ocean, to train in the fight against terrorism and piracy,” it may sound like a noble set of drills. Since Iran is the stated enemy of every ideal and influence that is not Sharia Islam however, what they consider “terror” will be anyone who allows a woman to drive a car or opposes the oppressive Iranian regime.


Iran has a VERY large number of people who openly support hating the United States. This is why the travel ban was proposed by Donald Trump; because it is hard to tell who an enemy is from there.

Trump has not moved to topple or change any leader in any country, but if it grows to a point to where he has no choice, no one should be surprised if he does at some point act. He has, after all, called himself a counter puncher, by nature. The reason that he may be forced to act is because America has allowed itself ever so foolishly and at great potential peril to every citizen to trust our energy needs to madmen in nations that detest us. While enough oil sits under Texas (and Alaska) to fuel America for quite some time, we tie our own hands with restrictions and lies about climate change instead. It seems that the planet only warms if America drills for oil, not when Iran does it, so we buy from them.

Millions and millions of barrels of oil coast through the Strait of Hormuz every day, having a direct result on both the United States and most of Asia. These are deals and travel rights that Iran has made with the world, and like their nuclear deal, defied the terms therein. Navy vessels, helicopters, and underwater subs will take part in the war games, which will cover an almost unimaginable 772,000 square miles. It will demonstrate the prowess of the Iranian skill, according to state news agency IRNA.


Open hatred for America is fully supported in areas like Iran where radical Islamic views are held against all of the West.

There is no word yet on how this will affect The U.S. Navy’s Fifth Fleet, which is in these waters protecting the shipping lanes. While piracy is still far more active than one would expect in 2017, America has already proven itself quite valuable in fighting piracy, so this drill would likely include America. It is also recalled that last month the United States were forced into firing upon fast attacking Iranian ships that closed in with a high rate of speed, much like Russia buzzing American warships.

As this carries onward, Iran would be wise to not mistake the president’s “quick with words and slow to action” response as lackadaisical of overly slow handed. Donald Trump will at some point be forced to do something, especially if this carries to the point to where energy issues become apparent. If we do avoid military actions with Iran then this should be seen as the dodging of a bullet from a machine gun. The time to start drilling and producing our own energy was about ten years ago, at least. The time to start making up the oversight is now.