Iran Deal Bribes

PUBLISHED: 8:33 PM 15 May 2018

Iran Deal Bribes Were Funded By Soros?

The money trail is long and involved.

Soros is funding efforts to repeal Trump's tax cuts.

Not long after President Donald Trump pulled the United States from the nuclear deal with Iran last week, leaders from the regime threatened to expose former President Barack Obama officials for taking bribes as part of the 2015 deal, according to Investment Watch Blog.

Is Iran threatening to expose Obama administration officials to cover for George Soros? The liberal billionaire has been accused of bankrolling the deal behind the scenes and funding chaos in the region, to push weak Obama officials into agreeing to the disastrous deal. The history of this deal is sick and scary, and we are just now finding out how much.

The report from IWB details how Soros used one of his foundations, the Open Society Institute, to lobby and shape funding to the Iranian lobby. When the nuclear deal was being debated between 2013-2015, it appears Soros was funding chaos in the regime.

He was pouring money into the coffers of terror groups to give the impression that the nuclear deal would quell the rise of these radical jihadist groups. The goal was to pressure the Obama administration into believing that was true, and they fell for it. Or, they knew all along it was a scam, and they approved the method to dupe voters.

Iran apparently does not want people to know that Soros funneled large quantities of money into these groups and efforts, so they are now threatening to expose officials they claim took bribes as part of finalizing the deal.

That could mean Soros paid off Obama officials and other westerners to lobby in favor of passing the nuclear deal.

H.J. Ansari, a senior adviser to Iranian President Mohammad Javad Zarif, said that if Europe doesn’t honor the nuclear deal and put pressure on the U.S. to return to the negotiating table, it will reveal which U.S. lawmakers and officials took money during the nuclear negotiations.

So, we have two explosive revelations. Top Iranian leaders say U.S. lawmakers associated with the nuclear deal — which could only be democrats or Obama administration officials — took bribes to lobby on behalf of the deal.

Secondly, it appears Soros and his never-ending money trail are at the center of it all. Soros, who is worth tens of billions of dollars, appears to have used his Open Society Institute and other organizations as a front for funneling money between U.S. officials and Iranian leaders as they were working toward finalizing it.

Now that Trump has pulled the U.S. from the deal and put Iran on notice, the terrorist-supporting regime feels betrayed. Fortunately for many Americans, Iran’s retaliatory efforts will result in exposing Obama officials, which is a major win.

If Iran wants to talk, then by all means, go ahead and expose every last official who took bribes.

Reveal the names and how much they all took. The Trump administration would welcome that, and may even view it as a gesture for negotiating a new deal with Iran.