PUBLISHED: 8:41 PM 1 Feb 2017

Iran At White House: We Purposefully Test Fired Missile Against Nuclear Deal, Trump Will Back Down


Iran has again tested a nuclear-capable missile in the name “defense”.

Satan is said to be a liar and the father of lies, one who is not only meant to deceive, but also to lead men astray. This is one of the reasons that Iran has always, even when taking copious amounts of money from the U.S, called the United States the “Great Satan.”

While it is quite clear that Iran has no qualms about spending “Satan’s” money, it also does not mind proving how holy and pious they are by openly lying about missile testing and then lying about it not being against the terms of their agreement (promise) to America and the world.

While Iran is in theory free to test weapons that are not of a nuclear nature, the U.S. has said today that Iran tested a just such a missile on Sunday, Jan 29th. Not only does this betray the terms of the agreement that the Judas nation hammered out with Obama and Kerry, but is also breaks U.N. resolutions as well.


Iran parades the fact that they lie for all the world to see.

Only when caught, it appears, did the Iranian defense minister admit the breach of misunderstanding the deal. Then it was as if the nation was puffing out its chest and thumbing its nose at the United States by suggesting that the test was not against the nuclear deal agreed upon by both nations. Since Islamic nations often suggest that America is a Christian nation and can not be trusted, what kind of example is it when a rising Islamic nation proves itself to be more dishonest than any Christian nation in existence today?

Iran has made a regular habit of lying and breaking the deal(s) but this has been something that they have not done since Donald Trump has been sworn in as president. Iran may argue that it has the right to develop nuclear weapons because many other nations have them, but no other nation willingly signed a deal promising to not further such plans, either. Iran has done just that in return for funding because like most dictatorships, they can not more feed themselves any more than North Korea can.


Iranians cheer as their weapons fly, writing their lies into the sky, as it were.

Come to think of it, even Kim Jung Un is more honest than the leaders of Iran, for while North Korea has tirelessly pursued nuclear weapons with dark intentions, at least Kim Jung Un never promised NOT to. What does the morbid fact that even the madman Kim Jung Un is more honest than Iran is  say about the kinds of people that our nation is doing business with?

Iran claims that the missiles are for defensive purposes, but how often is a nuclear missile used for defense? Iran also says that it would never use its technology to attack another country, but with their failing record in the truth department, no one is going to be blamed for disbelieving them.

Reagan at his prime said that nations must “trust but verify” and at such a standard, what we are verifying in Iran is that they lie, they openly call for death to America and Israel at the encouragement of Iranian leaders, they have happily made themselves the sworn enemy of America, and they likely allowed Houthi terrorists to attack a Saudi Arabian vessel at sea. There are even reasons to believe that the attack may have been meant for the U.S. ships in the area.


Iran has LITTERALLY turned it back on the honesty and the world for the sake of its warfare minded ideals.

One of the other MAJOR takeaways from this event is one that proves president Trump’s point that the United Nations is all but useless in doing what it was designed to do. While the U.N. does “request” that Iran “refrain” from using such weapons, it is not made mandatory by the U.N. If they are going to cow tail to every tin horn dictator with his finger on the trigger then how are they preventing war by letting such a nation pull the trigger? Iran wants to work, sell, and trade with other nations in order to grow but it does not want to abide by any of the rules and promises that they have made in order to do so.

Even the miserable deal that Obama worked out between golf games did not actually bar Iran from testing nuclear weapons as John Kerry has so falsely claimed. The language is so vague and mysterious that a room full of lawyers with endless bottles of Vivarin could not likely figure out what is legal if given a month to do it. To imagine that Kerry was almost president is as scary as the fact that George W. Bush was.


This is the smile of a proven liar and enemy of world peace.

The only good news to come from this is that now Trump has a firm reason to stop the deal. Iran can’t claim political motive, the world can not blame America, and the Democrats can not blame the Republicans.

From here on out, regardless of what they may claim as they face what president Trump may do, they have only themselves to blame. They’ll soon learn Trump is nothing like Obama.