Iowa Trans Funding

PUBLISHED: 4:26 PM 8 Jun 2018

Iowa Rules Medicaid-Funded Transgender Surgery Ban Unconstitutional, Claiming ‘Medical Necessity’

Iowa taxpayers will now fund gender reassignment surgeries.

An Iowa judge ruled that Medicaid is to cover gender reassignment surgeries in the state.

As the gender debate between the left and right continues, even the most basic issues have yet to be agreed upon such as the legitimacy of transgender individuals and their need for conversion ‘surgeries.’

In Iowa, a judge on the Des Moines-based Fifth Judicial District of Iowa unjustly ruled that gender reassignment surgeries are ‘medically necessary’ for transgender mental patients. Such individuals will be protected under the state constitution which mandates that Medicaid and taxpayers pay for these controversial surgeries.

Prior to the recent ruling, the Iowa Department of Human Services banned Medicaid from funding gender reassignment surgeries for persons with supposed-gender dysphoria, or the condition of believing to have been born in the wrong biological sex’s body.

However, two transgender women, Carol Ann Beal, 42, and EerieAnna Good, 27, attempted to apply for Medicaid funding to obtain their surgeries nonetheless.

They had both “began hormone therapies,” legally changed their identities, and sought to continue with their corresponding reassignments surgeries.

Of course, the Iowa DHS “rejected both women’s requests for coverage, citing the ban.”

Continuing with typical liberal sensitivities, Good and Beal contacted the state and national level American Civil Liberties Union departments to represent them in overturning the state ban.

The ACLU agreed to represent the trans women both “diagnosed with gender dysphoria.” It argued the ban to fund transperson’s surgeries to be unconstitutional given that if a surgery was deemed necessary in a non-transgender, or cisgender’s, situation, that there would not be an issue.

It cited the state constitution’s “guarantee of equal protection, as well as the Iowa Civil Rights Act.”

In court, Chief District Judge Arthur E. Gamble ultimately agreed and determined that the “ban on surgical coverage violates both the Iowa Civil Rights Act and the state’s constitution.”

He even ridiculously challenged the ‘medical necessity’ factor, stating that transgender-related surgeries should not be subjected to such questioning.

As a result, Beal and Good are to be “pre-approv[ed] of coverage under Medicaid.”

While all surgeries should be considered for their medical necessity, both for health and financial reasons, the plaintiffs, the ACLU, and Judge Gamble are apparently eager to liberally disperse Medicaid funds under supposed discrimination claims.

Of course, liberals arguing for transgender protections have celebrated the ruling with the ACLU calling it a ‘historic’ win and its clients ‘brave.’

Legal director of the ACLU of Iowa, Rita Bettis, claimed that now transgender persons would be “treated equally and fairly under the law.”

However, the liberal fight for human rights directly robs state taxpayers.

It is not a transgender discrimination case as some are claiming, but rather a consideration as to how far government-funded health care should extend.

Half of the country does not even believe in the concept of being transgender, nor desires to financially support transitional surgeries, just as the average person does not want to pay for another’s optional plastic surgery.

Unfortunately, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has taken a liberal lean on this issue when in 2014 it “invalidated its ban on Medicaid coverage for surgery and other transition-related care.”

This unnecessarily instigated several states to sue their respecting “state health departments to eliminate the Medicaid exclusion.”

Recently, an ACLU senior staff attorney, John A. Knight called the ruling ‘life-saving’ which serves as just another example of recent progressive crazes.

However, those fighting on the left argued that such claims could be made considering that gender identity issues are a recent issue and “that when the Medicaid ban was first implemented,” legislators were less informed about gender issues.

Of course, this can be attributed to the fact that it is a liberal phenomenon that has simply gained popularity in recent years.

The trans population is now considered a ‘protected class’ which admittedly is demanding additional benefits and protections under the law due to its citizens’ lifestyle choices.

Beal, however, also celebrated that she would now be able to obtain a state-funded gender reassignment surgery. She called her apparent ‘need’ for the surgery a ‘medical issue’ and said that her procedure would be like ‘any other surgery,’ again expressing that liberals do not know what a necessary medical procedure is as they continue to find ways to cheat the system.

She continued that she believes herself to be a ‘trailblazer’ in the transgender movement which will allow others to obtain free surgeries.

While Beal, Good, and other crazed liberals may do as they choose in their private lives, hard-working Americans should not be required to fund such associated costs.

Considering that being transgender is admittedly questionable, it is frightening that a judge would consider a fairy-tale like claim in a ruling that will affect countless citizens.