Cohen Info Out

PUBLISHED: 2:38 PM 22 May 2018

Investigators Finally See Cohen Raid Info

The electronic information will take more time to process.

Due to Michael Cohen's work as a lawyer, a 'special master' was appointed to determine which files the government could use. That 'special master' just finished combing through Cohen's physical files, and provided them to the prosecutors and investigators.

Weeks ago, the federal government attained a warrant to raid Michael Cohen’s apartment and law offices. Cohen, who is President Donald J. Trump’s personal attorney, was raided due to suggestions that he used campaign funds to bribe porn star ‘Stormy Daniels’ to not publicly talk about her alleged tryst with the president.

Now, after a ‘neutral special master’ was assigned last month by an Obama-appointed judge to decide which documents covered by client-attorney privilege the federal government could read, criminal investigators are seeing the documents for the first time. These documents have all been okay’d by this ‘neutral’ expert, who has a history of left-leaning legal decisions. Apparently, attorney-client privilege doesn’t exist when it comes to the fishing expedition to crucify President Trump and those tangentially related to him.

Last month, U.S. District Judge Kimba Wood appointed former federal judge Barbara Jones to decide what privileged documents the federal government could use to build their case against Michael Cohen. It should shock no one that Wood, an Obama appointee, chose Jones, who has a long history of leftist judicial activism.

Since then, Jones and her team have combed through the available paper documents.

They’re searching to find the documents that the government can legally access and use in their case against the president’s lawyer, and thus far the special master has made determinations on hundreds of thousands of different documents.

But now, the special master is preparing to embark on the most arduous task she will face; sifting through Cohen’s electronic files.

Like most lawyers, many of his legal records (and accounting records, which the prosecution is especially interested in) are on electronic devices.

In this case, the majority of the documents they’re searching for are contained on more than a dozen electronic devices owned by the lawyer, including personal computers, laptops, cell phones, and even tablet computers.

The special master and her team of attorneys have just begun the process of looking through all these documents, and it is likely that it will be far more time-consuming and arduous than sifting through physical files.

After documents are selected as usable by the special master, the Cohen defense team is allowed to make their own appeal, and to claim that the papers are covered by attorney-client privilege.

If they make this claim, then they have to provide their reasoning, and the document will be reviewed once again. In order to keep the federal government informed of the ongoing process, Jones has filed two letters since beginning her task, informing the court of her progress.

The most recent letter discussed her estimated timeline for sorting through all the available information.

In a surprising letter to the U.S. District Court sent Friday, Cohen’s attorneys said that they were satisfied with the way that Jones was fulfilling her duties, and with her careful review procedure.

In that same letter, Cohen’s defense attorneys also attempted to exclude Michael Avenatti, one of Stormy Daniels’ attorneys, from involvement in the court case.

Avenatti is perhaps best known as the lawyer who has spent so much time on television that one source suggested that news agencies gave him more than $175 million in free airtime. He is also a close confidant of Obama.

According to the federal government, this investigation is about claims of improper practices committed by Cohen as a lawyer, not necessarily solely about questions of whether or not he bribed a porn star with campaign funds.

However, it seems that he had only three clients in recent history: President Donald Trump, of course, along with Fox News commentator and radio talk show host Sean Hannity, and Elliott Broidy, a venture capitalist.

Though Hannity claimed that Cohen only provided him with legal and real estate advice, Broidy allegedly paid a former Playboy Playmate $1.6 million to keep quiet about their extramarital affair.

The federal government has also admitted that at least part of the reasoning behind the raid on the lawyer’s home and office was a ‘recommendation’ from the Robert Mueller special investigation.

At this point, it simply seems like the Mueller investigation is going after anyone who has any relationship to President Trump.

Usually, investigations are not based on the testimony of a single porn star, especially one who weaves a ‘fantastic’ tale that includes ‘being threatened’ by a person who, according to her description, looks exactly like her own ex-husband.

Then again, it seems that most of what Mueller’s done in the special investigation has already fallen apart, including his indictments against a number of foreign businesses and individuals.

The federal government is just beginning to comb through legal records in the Cohen case. It will be interesting to see what they find, but considering how the rest of the Mueller investigation is going, it can be assumed that the investigation will end without serious charges.