Texas Voter Fraud Exposed

PUBLISHED: 7:43 PM 26 Jan 2019

Investigation Finds Texas Has 95,000 Non-Citizens On Voter Rolls

Although many in the liberal media suggest that there is no proof of voter fraud, a year-long investigation in Texas revealed massive number of non-citizens on voter rolls.

On Friday, Texas Secretary of State David Whitley announced that a year-long investigation had exposed that 95,000 non-citizens were registered to vote in the state. At least 58,000 have voted in one or more elections.

Whitley’s office oversees elections in Texas, and he said in a statement, “Integrity and efficiency of elections in Texas require accuracy of our state’s voter rolls, and my office is committed to using all available tools under the law to maintain an accurate list of registered voters.”

“Our agency has provided extensive training opportunities to county voter registrars so that they can properly perform list maintenance activities in accordance with federal and state law, which affords every registered voter the chance to submit proof of eligibility,” he continued.

The news is not being taken lightly by Attorney General Ken Paxton.

“My Election Fraud Unit stands ready to investigate and prosecute crimes against the democratic process when needed,” Paxton said.

“Every single instance of illegal voting threatens democracy in our state and deprives individual Texans of their voice,” he added.

Under Texas law, non-citizens may obtain driver’s licenses by providing proof that they’re in the state lawfully, but there is no law requiring that verification of citizenship.

The Attorney General’s office added, “only citizens are eligible to vote.” However, that has apparently not been the case.

The Sec. of State’s office noted that “Voting in an election in which the person knows he or she is not eligible to vote is a second-degree felony in the State of Texas.”

According to reports, the Secretary of State’s Office plans to cross-reference information from the DPS, each month, with the statewide voter registration database, in order to pinpoint non-citizens who have registered to vote.

“When that happens, the Secretary of State’s Office will notify the county in which the person is registered so the voter registrar can take action. Hopefully, punished for the crime.

“If that person is, in fact, not a U.S. citizen or fails to respond, then the registrar will cancel the registration.”

Texas Secretary of State’s Office spokesman Sam Taylor says officials “are very confident” the citizenship data used are current.

Voting rights activists, however, called the numbers suspect. They claim that citizens will be purged, but that seems ridiculous.

In order to ensure the republic is not overrun, many people argue that a true voting system, which proves only citizens are allowed to vote in both state and federal elections, is required. However, democrats are fighting that idea.

A number of conservatives see the push to allow non-citizen voting as a way to ensure the left has a voting block of dependent slaves, just like democrats have historically had, to vote for their socialist agenda.

Fortunately, in Texas, at least these criminals were discovered.