PUBLISHED: 12:55 AM 6 Aug 2016

Internet Searches For Trump Surge After, WE THE PEOPLE Will Not Be Tricked

Top 10 Google Donald Trump Searches Search Trends 2015

You’ve all it said by the liberal media that the Trump Campaign has been having “its toughest week” for the campaign. But the media and news websites and television channels have completely overlooked Donald Trump’s new lead in a critical area.

According to The Hill, currently Donald Trump is dominating Hillary Clinton on Google internet searches. According to, in the past 24 hours, many more users have looked up information on Trump than on Hillary Clinton.

Some popular search queries for Trump include: “What did Clint Eastwood say about Donald Trump?”, which referenced Eastwood’s comment that Trump was ” onto something, because secretly everybody is getting tired of political correctness, kissing up.”

Some other popular queries for Trump included questions on Mr. Trump’s wife, Melania, and the amount of money Trump inherited from real estate.

The most frequently asked question regarding Hillary Clinton related to Clinton’s emails-specifically, what their contents were. These emails had been found on Clinton’s private server while Clinton was serving as Secretary of State.

Some Google users have even asked if Clinton will be dropping out of the Presidential race, and about her “tax plan.”

According to the official twitter account for Google Trends, the Google software designed to measure the number of online searches for a given topic-hence determining a topic’s trendiness- Trump’s recent surge online- or his current trendiness-was measured by analyzing the frequency that the following questions were input into Google:

“What did Clint Eastwood say about Donald Trump”?

“How Much Money Did Donald Trump inherit?”

“How old is Trump’s Wife?”

and “Where is Trump’s Wife From?”

Online queries for Hillary Clinton included:

“What did Hillary Clinton’s emails say?”

“What is Hillary Clinton’s tax plan?”

” Is Hillary Clinton Dropping Out?”

and “How do I contact Hillary Clinton?”

Judging from these questions, is appears that more Americans are feeling exasperated with Clinton’s consistent lying, irresponsible treatment of sensitive emails as well as her foreign policy gaffes, and are beginning to ask if Clinton is dropping out.

Maybe she should heed their advice.

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